How Diesel Exhaust Fluid Can Benefit Your Vehicle


If you have a business which deals highly in haulage and shipping, you will likely be on the wrong side of eco-friendly. Not all businesses are and if you want to make a positive change this year you can install a fluid known as diesel exhaust fluid under the bonnet. There are many different ways to make a difference to the fuel efficiency of your vehicles on the road, but one of the best is DEF.

What is it?

Diesel exhaust fluid is a substance which consists of deionized water and urea. Urea is a derivative substance of urine, however, it is created synthetically in this instance so that no animals are harmed. DEF is injected into the exhaust of a vehicle and is used to break down nitrogen oxide into water vapor. It is stored in a separate tank to the fuel of your vehicle.

The benefits

There are many different benefits DEF in your vehicle, and it can be a brilliant addition to your truck. First of all, DEF is a completely harmless chemical and has no harmful impacts on the environment. The fact that this is such a simple chemical allows it to be much more helpful in our vehicles as it doesn’t cause any other reactions. DEF can help your vehicle to be much more fuel efficient and can increase the mileage you put out before having to refill the tank. It protects your engine for longer causing less wear and tear, is reliable and keeps your vehicle running smoothly.

Where can you buy it?

DEF can be bought in many different avenues. First of all, it can be purchased online on sites such as PEAK C&I, it can be purchased at larger Walmart stores, and of course at trucking stores too. It is a simple chemical to come across and anyone can have a tank installed in their vehicle for better fuel economy.

Being efficient on the road

Now that you know how to use DEF to benefit your vehicle on the road, you can look at other ways to enhance the economic capabilities of the vehicle.

Watch your speed

It is important when driving on the road that to follow the speed limit not just for your own safety and everyone else’s, but for your fuel usage. The faster you go on the road, the more fuel you are burning. Therefore, the larger your emissions into the atmosphere. If you want to make a difference to your fuel usage and the environment, stick to the speed limit!

Pack lightweight

Whether you are in a domestic vehicle or a haulage vehicle, you will always fair better off by packing less in the vehicle. When shipping for business you can think about packing with more lightweight materials to reduce the fuel you use in transit.

Carry out essential checks

To be eco-friendly on the road you need to think about carrying out all of your safety checks before a long journey. Make sure your fluids are all topped up, check your tyres and make sure that the car is as efficient as it can be. This will make a massive difference to the roads.