Honda Hybrids: How Many Are There?

As car manufacturers are all trying to meet the ever changing and increasing demands for lower emissions standards, there has been a growing need for hybrid cards. This is a need that Honda have made a serious point of looking to meet with future developments. You may wonder though, how many Honda Hybrids are there in the works or coming out? In the following post we briefly discuss them.  If any of the models above take your fancy, speak to your local Honda dealer today!

Honda Insight 2019

Marketed as a compact premium passenger car, the slick and smart sedan body of the Honda Insight Hybrid is aimed at just about everyone and anyone. Along with the amazing 49 highway, 55 city roads and 52 combined mpg that this offers as estimated by the EPA, the Insight Hybrid also has best-in-class power performance and space.

What’s not to love about a car that has leather seating, the Honda Sensing, Honda LaneWatch suite consisting of top-notch driver-assist and safety tech, as well as the Android Auto integration and Apple CarPlay software? It’s easy to forget that the Honda Insight was the first hybrid car in America and now with the newest model, the company looks set to redefine what that means.

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell 2018

Honda have been behind several ground-breaking automobiles in their time as a car manufacturer. The Clarity Fuel Cell is part of a lead into a new generation of sustainability in vehicles. Hydrogen-powered, this can be fully charged in around 3 to 5-minutes. On a single charge, you can drive for as much as 366-miles approximately. That is, with no toxic emissions being produced. In the past there was the misconception that a car powered by untraditional sources of fuel would impede its capabilities. However, with the Clarity Fuel Cell, Honda are looking to dispel of that misconception for good.

It’s built with an extremely lightweight and aerodynamic body and equipped with cutting-edge tech on the interior. Notably, there’s the Head-Up Display. This gives you much of the important information you need while on the road directly onto the windscreen, meaning that you don’t have to look down and can keep your eyes on the road.

Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

The Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid offers you the benefits of a gas and electric car all in one package. This sedan really does have it all, with an optimal level of comfort, uncompromising performance and excellent driving range.

Clarity has an EPA-rated 47-mile engine, making it the highest of any sedan powered by a hybrid plug-in engine available right now. The all-electric version is best suited to daily travel, while the hybrid powertrain is better suited to longer distances and can provide you with 340-miles of driving.

It’s not without its fair share of special features with the Honda Sensing Suite, 8-inch Display Audio touchscreen unit that has both Android Auto Integration and Apple CarPlay.

Honda Accord Hybrid 2019

Honda have stated that the Honda Accord Hybrid 2019 is one that is uncompromising, as it does not make any sacrifices when it comes to safety tech and standard features to achieve the efficiency and power it’s capable of. There’s a 4-cylinder engine, lithium-ion battery and an AC motor all under the hood that can produce 212bhp. It looks like an Accord and drives like an Accord from another world.