Help! I Had a Car Crash! What Do I Do Now?

It’s time to make good use of that car insurance that you pay so much for every year. If you’ve been in a car accident, your first instinct is to panic. It’s completely understandable, especially if it’s the first crash you’ve ever been in. After all, getting into a motoring accident should never be a regular occurrence. However, it’s important that you calm down and think clearly so that you, your passengers, and the people around you remain safe.

Sadly, no matter how many safety precautions we take, sometimes an accident will occur that’s completely out of our hands. Some drivers take extremely dangerous risks while driving and they pay no attention to others. In this situation, you’re almost definitely going to win an accident claim and get compensation. However, it’s important that you don’t panic, stay calm, and follow these guidelines to make sure your claim is successful.

Picture Credit: Pexels

Notify Relevant Services

If there’s been an accident, then the first number you want to phone is emergency services. Make sure to get an ambulance on the scene as quickly as possible, and if you carry a first aid kit in your car make sure to stop any bleeding and distribute medicine to those in need. Next, call the fire department if there is a risk of flames bursting out of a vehicle. Finally, call the police if there are questionable individuals, such as people that refuse to show identification or their vehicle’s registration documents.

Once you’re safe and have done the relevant paperwork and taken down the names and license plates of people involved, call your automobile crash lawyer. Building up a case isn’t easy or something to be done alone by you, so get professional help to ensure you have a chance of claiming compensation.

Gather Information

When you’ve regained consciousness and have moved a safe distance from the crash site, take out your mobile phone or some pen and paper and note down license plate numbers, driver names, and pedestrians that witnessed what happened. Next, use your mobile phone’s camera to take plenty of photos. Get shots of the accident, cars, people, license plates, and the surrounding area. The more information you compile, the higher the chance of your claim succeeding.

When taking photographs, don’t get aggressive towards people who refuse to have their photos taken and always back down if people are trying to prevent you from taking pictures. That fact alone can be used against them in court, and you don’t want to risk getting into an argument or a fight because it could harm the success rate of your claim.


Picture Credit: Pexels

Talk Only When Necessary

It’s incredibly important that you never speak too much after a car accident. Whatever you say can and will probably be used against you in some way. The most important thing is to not admit anything at the scene. Don’t apologise (especially if it wasn’t your fault) and don’t take the blame no matter how guilty you might feel.

Exchange names with people involved in the crash. If they refuse to cooperate, then you know they’re up to no good. If the other drivers can’t show you some form of identification or any vehicle-related documents, then chances are they are driving illegally and you should notify the local authorities when they arrive on the scene. However, do not under any circumstance provoke the other drivers involved.