Haul Or Nothing: Buying A Used Truck

Image from Pexels.com

The wonderful feeling of getting your first truck means you can cruise the roads the way you were meant to, enjoying the highways and byways like a true driver. But the cost of a truck can be enough to bankrupt Eddie Stobart, and so, if you opt for a used truck, there are perils with going for a vehicle that is potentially older than time itself! The higher rate of an accident with common drivers of any used vehicle means that there are things you need to keep an eye on. Here are some of the most common issues that arise time and time again.

The Gearbox

Issues with the transmission account for almost 10% of used vehicle buyers. While the gearbox is a common problem with cars, this can apply to trucks just as easily.

Electrical Problems

This is the second most reported fault. The modern vehicle has plenty of handy electrical gadgets, making for a more comfortable drive. But this also means that there are a lot more circuits going through cars and trucks than 10 or 15 years ago. In essence, the more electrical circuitry in the vehicle, the higher the chance of something going wrong.

The Clutch

The constant wear and tear of the clutch mean that it is likely to go at some point. With a heavy vehicle struggling up a steep hill, this can really cause problems for the clutch. A company like Ryan Repairs, who specialize in truck repair, focus on clutch repair as one of its main services.

Oil Leaks

The engines of trucks are prone to developing oil leaks as time wears on. If you are adding oil to an engine that is constantly leaking, it will wear thin on your wallet. Or if the engine runs out of oil it can cause the engine to completely seize up. The best thing to do is to do a check of the underneath to identify any potential leakages.


Rust on the frame can be very dangerous, as it weakens the metal and will burn it away totally. While some rust spots are purely superficial in nature, it is the ones on the frame that need urgent addressing. You can replace the metal but at a cost.

Leaks In The Fuel Line

If the seals in the fuel line have issues, this will lead to major problems in the future. Unfortunately, these are very difficult to detect, and may not be recognized until a breakdown happens.

The Transmission

A large vehicle needs a reliable transmission, and it needs to be fixed if it is faulty. It is a very time-intensive process and can be costly. You need to weigh it up if it is worth fixing, especially if the truck was a cheap one to begin with.

Warning lights

A reset of the computer can temporarily turn off the warning lights, which is not very convenient if it when you were test-driving the vehicle! While some warnings are minor, other warning lights can indicate big trouble.