Getting Ready For Those Summer Road Trips

The weather outside may still be a little bit miserable, but we all know that spring is just around the corner – and then beyond that, we have the long days of summer, which as all motor lovers know is all about firing up the engine and heading out into the open road for an unforgettable journey. We know, it’s pretty darn exciting…but it’s still not looking so good out there. Luckily, we can remedy those winter blues by getting to work on organising the trip that will make our summer. And if that doesn’t get you excited for the coming months, then nothing will…!


Finding The Journey

If you have the time and inclination to really make it a big trip, get out the biggest map you can find and throw a dart – whatever it hits (providing it’s not the ocean) is where the trip is! OK, maybe that’s not so feasible, and perhaps it’s better to stick with the tried and tested. Will you load up a camper van and take a tour of the mountains of Europe? Will you find a quality used Harley Davidson for sale and do a cross-country trip across the USA? We’re pretty sure life doesn’t get much better than those two options. Make it a big one, whatever you choose, because why do anything else?

Preparing the Vehicle

If you’re taking your own vehicle, then you’ll need to make sure it’s fit for the journey before you set off. Winter can give our cars quite the beating and while you might not notice it when you’re zipping around town, you will if you’re somewhere in the mountains and the strain proves too much for your vehicle. You really don’t want that to happen, so give it a full look over and service before you go. Also, it’s always a good idea to give it a thorough clean before you go – it’s much nicer spending hours on the road in a clean vehicle. And even if you don’t notice, your passengers will!



The Essential Add Ons

Depending on whether you’re on a motorcycle or in a car, and staying in tents or hotels, you’ll need the extras to make the trip comfortable. Aside from your usual travelling materials, it’s a good idea to make sure you have all the safety and emergency equipment that you might need tucked away in the vehicle. A blanket and a few extra bottles of water can go a long way when you’re broken down in the middle of nowhere for the night!

Bringing the Attitude

And finally, the most important thing you need for a summer road trip: the attitude. This is the adventure of a lifetime, a chance to throw off the shackles and live free for a while. Get into the right frame of mind and the only thing that will limit you is wherever the road ends! Also: music. Must have the right road trip playlist: we’re not saying it’s the most essential aspect of the trip, but…it’s right up there.