Getting More Driving Experience for Highway Happiness

CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels

Driving experience is learned as you do it more. But, if you know the wrong way and create bad habits, you will keep them for life. This can be dangerous on the roads. It’s mostly down to personal responsibility. The skills and knowledge from simple driving helps you get better.

Keep to What Makes You Feel Safe

Cars, roads, and driving are all inherently dangerous. Even if you are the most responsible driver, there are others who aren’t. Some drivers make you wonder how they even got a license! You won’t drive well if you don’t feel safe on the road. Slowly exposing yourself to more challenging experiences will help. Feel secure by sticking to the safest roads in the safest driving states in 2024 and beyond as you learn to navigate the joys and pitfalls of driving.

Personal Skills and Road Knowledge

You learn the basics when you complete your driving test. And good driving is all about sticking to the basics. These provide a solid foundation on which you can build a solid and reliable driving style. But there are always unknowns, variables, and hidden dangers. Personal driving skills and a solid understanding of the roads will help you. This means being prepared, anticipating other drivers, and knowing the road rules of the country in which you’re driving.

Driving Experience Using Mirrors

There are some stylish safe cars. Yet around 22% of new drivers have an accident within the first year. There are many reasons for this, such as not paying attention, inexperience, and showing off! But, when driving, there are some best friends you have when driving; your mirrors!

  • Switch the rearview mirror off to avoid sunlight in your eyes.
  • Always check mirrors before changing lanes.
  • Adjust your mirrors to clearly see behind you every time you get in the car.

Mirrors are excellent for seeing behind your car when driving. And they are vital on busy roads. Always make sure they are set to your personal preference for the best viewing angles possible.

Use Traffic Roads

It can be scary as a new driver on busy roads. Confidence comes with exposing yourself to driving more and more. As you drive more, you learn the critical skills you need, such as awareness and anticipation. Of course, a busy highway will be frightening when you’re fresh out of driving school! A good trick is to take it easier on less busy roads. Plan trips on back roads where you are less likely to be surrounded by fast-moving vehicles to become more confident.

Apply What You Learned

You are considered good for driving when you get a license. At driving school, you are taught the basics of what is needed to successfully navigate the roads, highways and byways! Remember the basics you were taught as you expose yourself to different driving conditions. Then build on these as you develop your personal driving style. Adjust your driving style as you see fit in a safe manner. Accelerate and brake smoothly. And never tailgate anyone on the road!


Planning trips around safety and safer roads will help you gain more driving experience in a secure manner. Remember to use your mirrors correctly, and recall the basics of safe driving.