From A to B: How to Ship a Car Overseas in Just 6 Simple Steps


There may be many reasons for you to have to ship a car overseas ranging from selling, buying, or even relocating. This can be a very daunting task as your car will be on a ship traveling thousands of miles across the ocean. It is very important to know all of the needed steps on shipping a car to ensure that you and your car are protected throughout the process. We are going to review an easy 6 step guide to shipping your car overseas.

Get A Quote

In order to get your vehicle shipped overseas, you are going to have to follow a few simple steps to get you on your way. The first of these steps is going to be getting a quote. Shipping anything requires money and a vehicle is no different. Shipping a vehicle overseas is a large operation so the prices on shipping are going to be more than your standard domestic delivery fees. What you will need to do is get a quote on shipping your car to ensure that you have the funds to have the car shipped. The shipping fees will be determined by numerous factors, so making sure that you have all of the specifics of the delivery including the origin, destination, and vehicle details is crucial to this step. After you have gotten all of this information together and have your quote, you can move onto booking and scheduling your delivery.

Book & Schedule Your Delivery

Booking and scheduling your delivery can be done with your shipping agent and will allow you to get all of the details of your delivery lined out. This step will require you to double check that both you and the person that is receiving your vehicle for you are in agreement with the location and time of the delivery. You will want to make sure that you schedule it at a time that is convenient for you and the recipient to have some time in case of any interruptions. This is the single most important part of the whole process as one mistake can cause a disruption in delivery. Make sure to take your time and double check all of your information to ensure you have a trouble free delivery. This is the most commonly forgotten step that causes the most delays in shipping.

Ensure You Have All Of The Needed Documents

When booking and scheduling your car to be shipped overseas, you are going to need a few documents with you to when you go to deliver the vehicle at the port of origin that your vehicle is being shipped from. You will need your driver’s license, two copies of the title (one for booking and the original will need to go with the car), and a signed bill of sale to give to the new owner of the car. For vehicles that are being financed, you will need a copy of the lien authorization that has been signed and notarized by the lien holder. You must have all of this paperwork with you at the time of delivery so that it can go with the vehicle. Our suggestion is to package it all together in a folder that can easily be handed to your shipper and placed into your car for delivery.

Complete All Needed Paperwork

When booking and scheduling your car to be shipped overseas, you are going to need a few documents that will need to be filled out that will need to go with your car at delivery to ensure the shipper knows where the vehicle is going. First of all, you will need a consignee form. The shipper that you choose will give this to you and will require the following information: name, address, phone numbers of both parties, and the year/make/model/value of the vehicle being shipped. For those shipping their vehicle in a container that contains other items, you will need to fill out a container list that states all of the additional components in the container for customs to note when delivering your container. This will be included in your booking information.

Deliver Your Vehicle To The Correct Port

Now that you have booked your delivery and have gathered and completed all of the needed paperwork, it is time to deliver your vehicle to the port of origin at your scheduled delivery time. You will first want to make sure that you have gathered all of your needed paperwork and documents that you will need to give to the shipper. Then you will either need to deliver the vehicle yourself, or have it picked up and delivered by a delivery company. For those using a container, you will need to find a delivery company that can transport your container for you to the port. You will need to make your final delivery and cooking payment and pick up your receipt from the delivery company at this time to track your delivery.

Have Your Vehicle Received At Its Destination

Once your vehicle has been shipped, you will be able to track and check the progress of your delivery with the information given to you by the port of origin. You will want to confirm with your agent at the receiving port that they know when and where to pickup your vehicle. You will want to also keep them updated of any changes that may occur that can cause a delay in delivery. The last thing that you want to deal with after getting your car shipped is to have it not be properly received at its destination. Keep in constant contact with your shipping company and receiver for a stress free delivery.

In Conclusion

So there you have it, a step by step guide to shipping your vehicle overseas. The most common problem that most people face in this process is not having the proper paperwork or documents when delivering the car. Save yourself both time and money by thoroughly reviewing these 6 steps to ensure that you have a successful delivery.