Four Mistakes That Drivers Make On The Road

There are plenty of good drivers on the road, but there are also some very bad ones. These are perhaps drivers that have become very comfortable when driving and therefore have picked up bad habits in the process. These bad habits aren’t always dangerous but when they are, they could be risking more than just the driver’s life but those around them. Here are four mistakes that drivers make on the road.

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Not Keeping Both Hands On The Wheel

When you learn to drive, you are always keeping both hands on the wheel for the majority of the time. You’ll only move one perhaps when it comes to changing gears, applying the handbrake or adjusting the radio, etc. However, there are some that keep one hand or even no hands on the wheel at certain points when you should have both hands on it.

The reason why this becomes dangerous is that you have less control of the car and it’s wheels. Therefore, if you suddenly find yourself in a dangerous situation or you’re approaching a hazard, your reaction time and ability to stop or avoid it is going to be a lot longer. If you get yourself into an accident, then you might need car accident lawyers and you certainly don’t want to be found to be driving recklessly or with less care than you should have.

Getting Too Close To Other Drivers

Some drivers don’t give enough room when it comes to driving to other drivers on the road. It’s not about getting really close to someone’s behind but keeping your distance for the most part. If you get too close, you could end up causing an accident and your ability to stop in time could be cut short. It’s important to maintain a car or two car’s worth of distance when driving on the road in order to not only keep yourself safe but to also not intimate those drivers in front of you.

How would you like it if someone is tailing you from behind? It’s not a nice feeling by any means!


Speeding is something you never want to have as a bad habit because this is likely the most dangerous to your life and to others. If you’re caught speeding, it could mean points to your license and even eventually, your license being removed. It’s important to keep an eye on speed limits and to always be conscious of your driving and the speed you’re going at.

If you have a habit of speeding, then it might be worth going on a speed awareness course or having someone drive with you to let you know when you’re going too fast.

Stopping Distances When Driving In Bad Weather

Stopping distances are something to pay attention to in bad weather and most people will forget this. Your stopping distance will likely double or triple in timing when there’s severe weather. So be careful of this!

These mistakes can help save your life and other lives when driving, so follow them.