Feeling Less Lost Without Your Car

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The world has gotten a lot smaller, and the idea of travelling has become a lot more a) attractive and b) affordable. But being away from home for long(ish) periods begs the question of what to do with your beloved beast, that vehicle that is an extension of you, the very thing that makes you feel like a child again?

It could be that you recently got your hands on a classic Aston Martin after years of saving and you are not ready to wave goodbye just yet, or perhaps you have just bought your first luxury sports car – an Audi S5 – and the idea of it sitting on your driveway while you chase the sun for the winter makes your stomach feel like a tumble dryer filled with samurai swords.

Everyone’s situation is different and unique. You could be, like we said, chasing the sun for the winter. However, you could also be swapping coasts while you expand your business or heading away to college. Whatever it is, here are some suggestions to help you sleep at night knowing your baby is safe.

Pop It In The Garage

You need to forget about leaving your car on the driveway when heading away. Instead, what you have got to do is pop a cover over it and store it in your garage, a friend’s garage, your parent’s garage – any garage. This isn’t just to stop opportunist thieves getting an eyeful, it is to protect it from the weather too – whether sun or snow.

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Access The Airport Parking Lot

You may not be happy leaving your car with someone else because, well, you know they are clumsy, which means the garage is not safe, while the on-street parking poses problems. So, what you could do, is talk to the airport shuttle company about their long-term rates before you leave. You know it will be safe, secure and monitored, which you can’t put a price on.

Drive Inside. That’s right.

Interior storage may cost around twice the price as exterior storage, but by heading to a specialist storage place you will usually find that everything you ever imagine is monitored. The security, the conditions, the cleanliness, even the temperature. Just make sure you check with the facility beforehand and take a look so you know what you are getting.

Don’t Leave Your Baby

We’re not suggesting you turn down that job offer or cancel your trip in order to stay at home and watch your car through the window. We’re suggesting you take it with you. Now, we know driving it yourself is not always an option, which is why we recommend you read these auto transporters reviews. It is well worth considering, especially if you are going to be in your new location for some time. All that worrying and sleep-deprivation will be overcome and you’ll get to enjoy your purchase as you intended to.

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Whatever You Do, Track It

No matter what you do – pop it in the garage, store it at a friend’s house, hand it over to a secure storage company or get it delivered to your destination – always install a tracking system. That way, should anything happen to your car you will have a way of tracking it and dealing with the situation accordingly.