Features of RV Air Conditioners to Consider


An RV air conditioner┬áis the one thing you can’t miss having if you are setting out on trip in your recreation vehicle. Not only does this piece of equipment freshen the air up, it also keeps away allergens that could mess up your experience on the road. The features to consider when going for your RV air conditioner will determine your general experience when on the road.


The profile of an RV air conditioner is the height it has from the rooftop your vehicle. You ought to know that, the larger the profile, the more drag it will create as you drive your RV. This will translate into more fuel being spent on the road. Go for smaller profiles since they save on the fuel and overall costs of your trip.

The power requirements

The power requirements of your air conditioner determine how powerful the air conditioner will be. If your trip is in a hot area, then you need one that is powerful enough to cool you down. You can check the power rating of your air conditioner to ensure you are getting the right one for your specific conditions. Also ensure your RV has enough power to run the air conditioner.

Brand loyalty

Just so you know, going for a specific brand has its own advantages over the others. First of all, established brands have spare parts that can be easily accessed whenever they break down in the middle of nowhere. Secondly, you are likely to get some specific features with the established brands due to experience in manufacturing the air conditioners. It is thus in your favor choosing known names even if they may cost more than the others.

Heat pumps

Forget the idea that an air conditioner should only be about cooling you down. When the night comes and you need some warmth, a heat pump will come in handy. The best option would thus be going for a heat pump AC combination which serves both purposes in a single unit. Your trip is outdoors hence it only makes sense to go for this combination.

Installation and maintenance

Chances are high that you will be installing be air conditioner on your own. Before making that purchase, you need to read about the reviews of the specific air conditioner you have interest in your know how easy it hard it is to install and maintain it. As stated earlier, known brands give you a better chance at installing and maintaining it. This generally improves your experience when using the air conditioner. Also, ensure that the air conditioner of your choice fits your RV the best way possible to avoid issues with fixing and keeping it working.

In conclusion, you cannot afford to go out on a trip in your RV without a good air and heat pump. So, take both of the things with you. This will help you keep away allergens and maintain specific temperatures in the RV for comfort.