Essential Car Maintenance Tips For Keeping Teens Safe On the Road

It seems like only yesterday that you were a teenager yourself…and now you’ve got one for yourself. And not just any teen, but one that’s about to hit the road. It’s mixed feelings. On the one hand, free rides whenever and wherever you please. On the other hand, the roads can be dangerous, and even more so for teenagers, who, due to their age, just don’t have the experience of navigating the roads. There’s one thing that’ll help them, though. If they know hot to take care of their car, they’ll be limiting their chance of having a car that isn’t fit for the road, one of the most common causes of accidents.


Know the Vehicle

Not all vehicles are the same. While they share many similarities, there are always little kinks that are specific to that model of vehicle, and sometimes little kinks that are only specific to that one particular version of that model of vehicle. If you’re buying them a used car, it’s a good idea to ask that previous owner if there are annoying or unconventional aspects to the car (without making it sound like you’re trying to lower the price). It’s much better to know the habits of a car when you’re not in a situation that requires you to know.

Take Care Of the Small Issues

People are pretty good at staying on top of the big issues. If there’s an engine failure, then, yup, you’re going to get it seen to as quickly as possible. But when there’s a small problem that doesn’t affect the driving of the car? Those ones people seem to just live. But it’s important to remember that things like a faulty light or cracked windscreen can pose serious problems, so make sure your teen knows that they should get them taken care of as soon as possible. It’s easy enough to get a light repaired, or to find certified and experienced auto glass installers. If they stay on top of the small issues, the big ones will take care of themselves.

DIY Repairs

Every car owner should know how to do the basic DIY repairs. Most people acquire these skills over a lifetime of car ownership. But your teen? They’ll know as soon as possible. At the very least, make sure they know how to change their oil and replace a flat tyre. They take all of thirty minutes to learn but can be very useful when those skills are needed!

Routine Check Up

But of course, you can’t expect your child to do all of the car maintenance themselves. They’ll leave some for the experts. They’ll want to have things looked at by a mechanic every so often, to ensure that everything’s in full working order.

Keep it Clean!

And finally…tell them to keep that car clean! It’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but it is useful – a cluttered car can make it more difficult to focus on the road. Plus, it’ll help keep the car in tip-top condition for longer.