Essential Car Accessories

There has never been more gadgets and new technology available to the general population than there is now. From smartphones to powerful blenders, we’ve all gone mad for the latest gadgets, but the one place where technology can be really useful is in the car and on the road. Here are some of the best car-tech products currently available:

Car Cup Holder

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Coffee is truly the nectar of the gods. Not only does it taste rich, smooth and dark, but it is also great for keeping us alert, which means it is great for long trips or as a morning pick me up on the way to work. If you drink a lot of coffee as you travel, it is definitely worth installing a car cup holder, if your car doesn’t have one because it will keep your beverage safe and secure as you concentrate on the road ahead, preventing spills, scalding injuries and worst of all hot coffee in the lap!

Smartphone Cradle


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Let’s face it- most of us don’t go anywhere without our smartphone anymore, and the car is no exception. Although you should never ever use your phone for talking or texting when you are driving, if you want to avoid accidents on the road, you may want to use it to play your favorite music or as a GPS system. If that’s your plan, you will need a good mount that will not obscure your view and which will keep your smartphone in one place. One of the best I have found is the Mediabridge cradle.

Rear Vision Kit


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If you have trouble parking or you simply want to ensure that you know what is going on at the back of your vehicle, a rear vision kit, which enables you to see a live stream from behind your car, will certainly help to keep your mind at rest and increase your safety on the road. Safety Dave has some of the best rear vision kits around



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If you have a much-loved dog who loves to ride along with you, I’m sure you want to keep them as safe as possible. Shockingly, most dog harnesses are never crash tested and many of the ones that are do not perform particularly well! Luckily, the Sleepypod is different. It has been crash tested, and it comes recommended by the Center for Pet Safety.

A Cargo Box


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If you tend to go on long family road trips, you won’t want your passengers to be squashed up into a corner so that all of your luggage can be crammed into the car. What you do want is a good roof-mounted cargo box, which will take the load and ensure you all have plenty of legroom. One of the best cargo boxes currently available is the Thule.



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Dynamat is an excellent sound defender which will banish excessive road noise from your vehicle, which makes for a pleasanter journey, which is akin to driving along in noise-cancelling headphones. When you have a Dynamat, your music tends to sound a lot better in the car too.