Emerging car trends to watch out for in 2022

Many sectors are booming and waxing stronger as the years go by, and the automotive industry isn’t left behind.

If you’re a car lover or looking to own one this year, here are some automotive trends to watch out for this year.

1.     Self-driving cars

Okay, this one may sound like something that’s already here, but the truth is, it’s more or less still in development. However, one thing’s for sure: it would be very strange if we don’t get to see self-driving cars on Dubai streets in 2022.

A self-driving car is one that doesn’t need someone to drive it. It uses several technologies, including radar, lidar, sonar, and odometry, to understand and navigate its surroundings while maintaining a safe speed.

You may ask, “Who needs a driverless car since you can’t drive it to work?” Well, you can just sit at the back seat, chat, and even press your laptop while a self-driving car takes you to and from work. Plus, it’s an ego boost. Of course, as Cars Protection Plus points out self-driving cars are still pretty controversial, so don’t expcet an easy ride to ownership.

2.     Smarter cars

One automotive trend we’ll be seeing in 2022 is more feature-packed cars. Think about cars with Wi-Fi access, driving aid, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Cars, indeed, will become much more than a transportation method; convenience, functionality, and safety will see newer heights.

Some vehicles allow you to stream videos. Some also come with massage seats, heated seats, air purification, and other sophisticated features. When you take a peek into cars in Dubai, you’ll likely see some of these feature-rich vehicles that make driving more entertaining and convenient.

3.     Auto Insurance will take a new shape

With growing advancements in technology and self-driving cars, risks will be assessed using software and AI. Auto data will become more accessible than ever before, and at-fault parties may even be ascertained by assessing the data after accidents.

Furthermore, insurance companies will look towards using satellites and datasets to predict risks more accurately.

4.     More environmentally friendly cars on the streets

Tesla is currently the leading manufacturer of electric cars. These cars are environmentally friendly as they do not require the burning of fossil fuels. Right now, the prices of electric cars are high.

But as we very well know, no one company remains the sole producer of commodities forever. Many other automobile corporations are already buying into the idea, and soon, perhaps in 2022, the streets will be flooded with affordable electric cars.

Other factors that will promote this electric car trend include:

  • The rising cost of petrol
  • Growing awareness about environmental issues
  • The narrowing gap between ICE vehicles and EVs
  • Tightening emission norms

The Tesla Model S, the Range Rover Velar, and the Ford Mustang Mach-e are currently the environmentally friendly cars available. Their seats are made from recycled materials rather than leather. If you’re conscious about your carbon footprint or are a vegan, such cars are a great way to abide by your beliefs.

5.     Blockchain in the automotive industry

If there are self-driving cars and those that can communicate with each other, it means there will be considerable data shared. Notably, some automotive companies are already sharing data using blockchain. This aims to facilitate ride-sharing and deliveries and enable self-riding cars to access traffic data with accuracy.

Even insurance and repairs will soon be facilitated via blockchain technology.

6.     Vehicle-to-vehicle communication

This has been mentioned but deserves a session of its own.

You see, no matter how careful and experienced you are as a driver, it is challenging to anticipate the actions of other motorists. One reckless driver can cause serious harm to several other experienced ones on the same road.

To minimize such occurrences, the tech industry is building a vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2C) that allows cars to share info about speed, location, and the direction they’re headed. It also activates safety alerts when required, intending to prevent catastrophic damages.

7.     Top-level vehicular security

Have you ever had your car destroyed or burgled? Or do you worry if that will someday happen to you?

To prevent such issues, manufacturers and cybersecurity experts are already working hand in hand to prevent cybercriminals from stealing data from vehicles, manipulating the vehicle, or attacking it physically.

Since there will be more advanced cars, such as self-driving ones, considerable data will be present in its system. With many software and hardware incorporated, cars will become like smart devices that can be hacked. So without a doubt, we would see more heightened security for vehicles in 2022.

8.     Auto manufacturers and big tech collaborations

As the world braces itself to be hit by a massive surge of tech-sophisticated cars, we would be seeing much collaboration between auto manufacturers and tech companies.

Both industries would have to work hand-in-hand to materialize these futuristic ideas and technologies that we all already visualize.

9.   Machine learning, AI, and connectivity

Tech experts are using AI and machine learning to advance car functionality. Perforce predicts that 96% of new cars will have connectivity built-in by 2030. This will allow drivers to connect their cars to their tablets, smartphones, the internet, and other public services. Such connectivity would be most useful for fleet management.

Notably, integrating machine learning and AI will bring about more advanced features such as emergency braking. Imagine having a car that brakes on its own on noticing (via AI) an obstacle ahead.

Yes, some of such cars are already here, and they’re about to go boom!

10. Advanced safety features

One of the automotive trends we’ll be seeing in 2022 is improved safety features. As convenience and functionality improve, safety is also given priority.

Some advanced safety features that will likely trend this year include blind-spot detection, lane departure warnings, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and electronic stability control.

Chances are, if you purchase a 2021 or 2022 car model, some of these features will be present.

We cannot deny the fact that stares us in the face: soon, the world will become much like what we see in sci-fi movies. Hopefully, with smart cars on the streets, driving will become more fun and safer.