Early Christmas Presents To Buy Yourself


Christmas is not too far away, and in less than 2 months we will be preparing for the festivities and spending time with our families around the dinner table. 

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and one of the most fun parts of it is being able to spend some money on the people we love and get them lovely gifts and treats. But what about ourselves? 

Let’s face it, 2020 and most of 2021 have been hard. So many of us have had to put off our life for the safety of ourselves and others and this means missing out on many celebrations and key experiences. This year though, why not spend a little bit of your Christmas budget on yourself? Today we want to take a look at some of the best ways that you can celebrate the festive season and treat yourself in 2021. 

A cocktail making kit

The first idea for a Christmas present you can buy this year is a cocktail making kit. Many of us like trying different cocktails when out in bars, but at home we might stick to wine or beer for ease. Why not try and learn how to make some of your favourite cocktails from home this festive season? There are lots of cocktail making kits out there that include things like shakers and stirrers and a recipe book of different cocktails to try. Try your hand at this task this year and you’ll be able to enjoy some amazing treats this Christmas season. 

Microwaveable slippers

Christmas for many of us in the northern hemisphere is a cold affair. Whether it snows or not, there will be a lot of cold weather around and this means cosy evenings in with a hot chocolate is all you need. One other thing you can add to your cosy Christmas evening this year is a pair of microwaveable slippers. If you get cold feet a lot of the time in the winter, these slippers will be the ideal Christmas treat and will keep your toes toasty all winter long! 

A stitch fix subscription 

For those of you who love to try out new outfits but have no idea about what clothes suit you, a stitch fix subscription can be a valuable gift. Stitch fix has a whole team of designers on hand who will talk to you and figure out from your body type and skin tone what kind of clothes will suit you the best. They will send you outfits each month to try, and you only have to pay for the ones you like and want to keep. This is such a great idea if you are in need of a wardrobe refresh and you’ll find clothing that you never knew existed. 

A new car wrap 

If you have a car and you would really like to change its colour, you can treat yourself to a vinyl wrapping this Christmas and start the new year with a stunning new set of wheels. Car wrapping is a great way to enjoy the feel of the new car without forking out for one and it will help to give your car a brand new stunning look. 

A silk pillowcase 

If you are a woman who has long hair, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is split ends. Split ends can happen at any time however one of the main causes of split ends is sleeping on cotton pillows. Cotton is a fabric with many spaces between the weave, and these spaces are ideal to trap strands of hair and rub against them, causing them to split. Silk however is a very dense material and your hair won’t be able to get caught between the fibres and split. For those of you who want to really invest in hair care this year, consider a silk pillowcase. 

A smart home fitness system mirror 

For those of you who want to start the next year in the right way – a smart home fitness mirror is a great idea. A floor to ceiling mirror with a personal trainer and sessions on display is a wonderful way for you to work out at home and get fit without paying for a gym membership. This can be a such a great idea for you and will allow you to stay fit and make yourself feel happier and more confident in yourself. 

A coffee machine 

Enjoy a cup of Joe in the morning? Why not treat yourself to a proper coffee machine this Christmas? Black Friday is a great chance to get some great bargains on coffee machines and it will allow you to enjoy the perfect latte, macchiato, or cappuccino without heading to Starbucks. 

A new dress

Sometimes what you need to treat yourself is as simple as a new dress. A lot of us have not had much reason to dress up in the last 18 months, so why not dress up in style this Christmas and treat yourself to a new outfit? A stunning dress will give you a great reason to dress up and feel great about yourself at your family get togethers this Christmas! 

A weekend trip 

Holidays have been a difficult thing to organise in recent years, and if you haven’t been out anywhere for a long time, book yourself a weekend trip. A long weekend in a hotel or in the countryside is sometimes all you need to refresh your mind and soul and reconnect with the person you love the most. Find a last minute deal and head out for a few days and enjoy living life to the fullest! 

A bath caddy tray 

For those of you who love a hot bath in the winter, there is no better gift to yourself than a bath caddy tray. A tray will allow you to place your glass of wine, a laptop, and a snack in the bath with you while you soak and rid yourself of the stress of the day.