Customize Your Ride Without Looking Like A Douche

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Ford F-Series. Dodge RAM. Toyota Camry. Honda Civic. Toyota RAV4. Jeep Grand Cherokee. These are all great cars as their sales stats will attest. But with a popular car and/or truck comes a cross to bear, and that is sameness. It is the notion that you and a million other people are driving around in the same vehicle, with the same trim and colors so similar they look as if a kid has mushed every pot of Playdoh together.

The reason for this is because car manufacturers are businesses, which means they want to appeal the widest market possible. It’s good for them, but it’s a bit “meh” for you, which is why you should set to and start making your car unique. Just make sure you read this first though, otherwise, you may end up looking like the kind of douchebag who has simply drilled a hole in his exhaust to make it sound louder.

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New Shoes

Manufacturers have begun to clock onto this area of vehicular aesthetics, and for good reason. Rims are what makes a car look badass or not. The problem is, we’re all ending up with the same cool rims. Not cool. To overcome this, slot some aftermarket wheels into your car, some low-profile beauties. Nothing bling, though. Leave that to the guys still clamoring for a career at West Coast Customs. You just want something understated and sexy that’s going to improve your handling.

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Aftermarket Seating

So long as you don’t go too far by getting a seat that comes with a twelve-point harness, you should explore what aftermarket seats you can get. After all, there is no point squeezing out some extra horses, adding some new tires and tweaking the suspension if you end up in the passenger seat every time you go round a corner.

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Custom Paint Job

The route you go down totally depends on you and your car, but giving your motor a customised facade is going to separate you from the millions that are crowding your style. It could be you get some accent wraps from Lucent Wraps to go on your 60s muscle car, or some pinstriping to go on your classic or a custom spray of something matte to make your truck look meaner. So long as you don’t get more than two colours and cover the back half in fake sponsors you should be fine.

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Add Something Useful

If you are the kind of dude that loves to ride along the Ocean highway with the roof down and some classic rock n’ roll blaring, then you could be better off getting some better speakers. Note, we said better, not bigger. You want quality, not some distorted mess. If you have allowed the pickup life to completely envelope you, then add some spotlights and a winch to your beast and let it become a little more practical on your weekends in the swamp. Car Customization is cool, but it should be useful too.

And there we have it, something unique that will no doubt turn the heads that matter.