Combining Your Love of Dogs and Cars!

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Your dog and your car are possibly two of the most important things you own, but they don’t always mix. Dogs can be messy, and constantly cleaning out hair and muddy footprints out of your car can be a real hassle. If you have a professional job where you simply can’t afford to go into work with pet hair on your clothes (or just prefer to keep your vehicle spotless) then you might wonder if you and your dog will ever be able to enjoy going out together in your car. But if you go about things in the right way it can be done- here are some ideas. 

Kit out the trunk

One of the easiest ways to keep dog hair and mess contained when you take your dog in your car is to kit out the trunk for them. Depending on the size and temperament of your dog, this might also be the safest option. You can either buy a crate that fits in the trunk or go for one that’s been specifically designed for your vehicle. If you line the floor with mats or a waterproof dog blanket it will be easy to keep on top of the cleaning. No mud or fur will get into the rest of your car meaning it can be a good way to go about things. 

Put a bed in the back

If your dog is smaller or well behaved, you might be able to get away with putting them in the back. A dog bed for them to lie in rather than a blanket directly on the seat will keep their fur and any mess more contained, and when you do come to vacuum it will be much easier to keep on top of. You can still clip their harness into the seatbelt while they’re in their bed so they’ll be safe as well as comfortable. There are car beds for small dogs which attach to the back of the seats, for bigger dogs use a standard dog bed as long as it fits. You can purchase liners that sit between the front and back seats which is another way to protect against mess if your dog will be in the back.

Pack cleaning items

Being prepared can save you a lot of cleaning time. If you take your dog out on walks, anticipate that they might get wet or muddy and be organised ahead of time. Pack a bag with some old towels, pet safe wipes and other cleaning items so you can clean and dry them off as much as possible before they get into the car. This will make things much easier than attempting to clean caked on mud off your car!

Do you regularly take your dog out in the car? What tips and tricks have you found to keep your vehicle protected against the mess?