Check Your Car Tyres More Regularly

There is a real importance to keep in place health and safety regulations and there are many tips and tricks to lead healthier, happier lives. In our homes, at our places of work and we do this with alarms, checking our systems and living by the rules and regulations of safety. However, for our cars this must also apply. Of course we have an MOT, pay off our monthly rental debts, and enjoy our car, however it is vital that we are sure to check our car tyres regularly to avoid any issues with the car and to avoid detrimental damage or injury from any type of mishap on the road. You must think about other drivers, passengers or pedestrians.

Photo: Pixabay

The Dangers Of Not Checking Your Car Tyres

If your tyres do not meet regulations, you may be charged a very large fine, which could result in a pay out of over £10,000 and may also lose your licence.  For a new driver, it can be difficult to take in so much knowledge all at once and car safety can be difficult to keep upto, but being in the know is vital, and it is said that tyres must at least have a tyre tread depth of 1.6mm, and most experts would absolutely recommend a minimum depth of 3mm for tyre replacement. The dangers may manifest different but it is possible that stopping distances could dramatically reduce, which means if you break heavily and suddenly, you may skid, or impact another vehicle or even an object or person and this could be potentially fatal.  

Be sure to check often…

If your tyres are worn out, and the road has suffered a lot of heavy rainfall, then it will be very wet, and this will mean that you are much more likely to have a skidding incident. You could easily lose your grip and if this should happen, you will skid and you may not even be able to control this, meaning you wouldn’t be able to stop your vehicle in time before a collision.

When you buy a car, you will of course have your car thoroughly checked, if you ever rent a car then it will of course be that the tyres have already been checked. For example at Burswood Car Rentals, you can walk away with your car and the tyres will have already been checked but in your own car, it will be up to you in the future to check the health of your tyres. Don’t wait to check your car tyres, do it at least every month, and if they need topping up, ensure that you do this. If you feel you are unsure, have an expert look at the tyres to determine if they are OK and if they will need extra looking at. It may be that they need changing altogether and in that case, you must have the money to budget for this because it’s important to have them pristine.