Career Options for Car Lovers

Do you love cars? Wouldn’t you love to spend your days working with them? Our childhood dreams can often get sidetracked by the pesky little devil known as ‘real life’, but those of us who grew up dreaming of cars don’t have to let our dream jobs die. In fact, there are many options for people who want to earn their bread by doing something in some way connected to the car industry. Take a look at some the ideas below.



Some people dread getting in their car in the morning for the commute to work. Not you, though! Why not turn your passion into a career and become a professional driver? The obvious one is to be a taxi driver, but we’re not sure that’s the level of fun you have in mind. Take a look at becoming a Hollywood stunt driver or a truck driver, both of which are far more romantic. If you’ve really good the driving skills, you can always become a pro racing driver too!

Car Sales

You could talk for hours about the pros and cons of a thousand different vehicles, so put your knowledge to some use and make money in the process. Car salesmen need to know their cars inside and out, which we’re sure will be no problem for you. If it is, then you’ll have to learn – luckily, that’s exactly what you’d be reading at bedtime anyway. Find yourself a good car dealership to work in and you might even get access to the brand new vehicles, which is something you’ve always dreamed of.

The Freight Industry

Those who work in the freight industry don’t just to transport the latest and best cars; they’re also dealing with the massive trucks that transport them. If you’re crazy for machines, then this is giving you the best of both worlds: cars and trucks. A position in a National Transportation Broker firm will also bring with a new set of skills and knowledge relating to vehicles.


What is it that you like about cars? Is it the style, the interior, the modifications, or what’s under the good? Whatever it is, by becoming a mechanic you’ll be working closely with all three. From fixing dents and scuffs to figuring out what exactly is wrong with the car’s engine, you’ll gain a knowledge of vehicles on par with anyone in the world. You’ll also be exposed to a wide range of vehicles – some old, some beaten up, some luxurious, that’ll keep your fix of cars well in check.




Classic Car Industry

The classic car market is booming at the moment, and the good news is that it’s unlikely to change as new cars are becoming ‘classic’ all the time. Working in this industry involves restoring, appraising, and selling cars that have bags and style and a place in car history. It’s a job that will take you far and wide as you travel to car shows and to meet with classic car collectors. All in all, a fascinating role for those obsessed with cars!