Car Theft Happens. Here’s How To Prevent It

Image source: Pixabay

Your car’s one of the most expensive things you’ll ever own, and naturally, this (along with the valuables inside) makes it an object of desire for thieves. While auto security features have been getting better and better for decades, car theft still happens regularly, and there are various preventative measures all drivers should be taking to better their odds. Here are a few simple tips to bear in mind…

Use All the Features the Car Offers

Modern cars typically come with a range of handy security features, but many drivers don’t use – or aren’t even aware of – all of them. For instance, you may not know that a lot of cars released in the past few years have a feature that automatically locks the doors as you pull away. Taking stock of all these security features, and enabling them whenever you’re driving, can instantly make you more protected from carjackings; one of the most traumatic forms of auto-theft anyone can go through. From alarms to immobilisers to anything else that the manufacturers decided to add, open up your manual, read about the security features your car has, and start using them!

Add to Those Features

Your car may come with a whole arsenal of clever security measures, but that’s no reason to leave it at that. There are plenty of other ways you could be protecting your pride and joy. Visible steering locks, for example, aren’t completely fool proof, but they can still be a very strong deterrent to opportunistic car thieves. There are also locks for gear sticks and pedals if you think your car is an especially risky target. If you’ve got the money to spend, you may even want to get a tracking device fitted. The upfront installation fee and the subscription afterwards can be expensive, but if your car is stolen, the police will certainly be able to locate it.

Consider Where You Keep your Keys

With car security systems being so sophisticated, one of the easiest ways for any thief to make off in a car is to steal the keys themselves. If you’ve ever needed the services of a company like Lock, Stock & Farrell locksmith to get into your car, you’ll know just how easy it is to lose something as important as your car keys. Think about where you’re keeping your keys when you’re out and about. Don’t leave it in any pocket that would be easy to reach into without you noticing. When you’re at home, make sure you’re not leaving them near any open windows or even near the door, as they may be accessible through your letterbox. However, it’s generally not a good idea to take them upstairs with you. There have been some cases where robbers have broken into a house, and then threatened the homeowners when they couldn’t find the keys they were looking for. It’s better to lose your car than to experience a full-blown home invasion.

Follow these simple tips, and you’ll reduce your chances of being a victim of car theft massively!