Car Modding Do’s And Don’ts

Car modding is a huge business all over the world, and has breathed life into a pretty big subculture of car nuts. Whether it’s to turn heads when you’re driving around or to fine-tune the actual performance of the vehicle, you may be very attracted to the idea of getting into modding. Before you jump in, here are some of the most important do’s and don’ts to bear in mind…

Source: Wikimedia

In-Car Entertainment

This is one of the most common types of mod, probably entertainment mods are the most fun! This can be as little as replacing the stereo for a nice aftermarket model, or as huge as installing massive subwoofers, TV screens and even games consoles! Just remember that it’s illegal to have images from aftermarket screens to be in view of the driver, so keep it to the back seats or suspended from the centre of the car’s ceiling.

Lights and Reflectors

Having a subtle blue glow irradiating from your chassis is perfectly fine. However, other kinds of light-based mods can get you pulled over in a hurry. By law, your headlights have to give off a substantial amount of white or yellow light, and the brake lights have to show a steady red. Tinting these, or even worse, tampering with the electrics, can land you in some hot water with the cops!

Tyres and Wheels

Giving your car some new shoes is another very popular mod, and can have a huge positive impact on both the looks of your vehicle and the performance. However, if you’re planning to go ahead with one of these mods, just remember that new wheels will affect the handling, which can be a major issue if you do the work yourself. The car’s axels may need to be tweaked, and the handling can be stabilised through other mods like power steering. Unless you’re a qualified mechanic, have this kind of mod done by a professional.

Suspension Upgrades

Modifying your suspension with stiffer springs and shock absorbers can do a lot for your performance, and lowering kits can make your car look that much cooler on the road. Just bear in mind that this modification can go disastrously wrong if it’s attempted by an amateur, and may end up costing you way more than the parts! Always give the job to a trusted mechanic. The biggest “don’t” to take away from this is to never, ever cut and weld new suspension components. This can make the components weaker, and make the whole vehicle a disaster waiting to happen.

Tinted Windows

If you’ve ever wanted to make your car feel a little more prestigious and limo-like, then one of the easiest ways to do this is tinting your windows. While tinted glass can make it much easier to drive around in garish sunlight, it also reduces visibility. Currently, there’s no legal limit on tinting the rear windscreen or rear passenger windows, but there are strict laws regarding how dense a tint can be on the front windscreen and windows. Again, always consult a professional.