Buying Your Next Car in Connecticut Could Not Be Easier!

Buying a car is a major purchase whether you want a new model or a used one. There are so many brands to choose from, so where do you start? In this article we want to look at some of the main points to consider when buying your next car, and why you might be best staying with one of the USA’s most treasured brands. Let’s start by looking at how to make the right choice.

Choosing Your Next Car

What sort of car are you looking for? In most cases the answer will be either a family sedan or an SUV. The latter are a hot ticket these days. Perhaps you want a luxury model, a car that displays your executive status?

Or maybe a truck for hauling your gear around? Then there’s the appeal of a performance model, a sports car that you feel you have earned, something you can drop the roof and feel the wind in your hair!

Whatever it is you need, we recommend that you look away from the European and Japanese brands – great as they are – because there is a much-loved US brand that offers all of the above: Chevrolet!

Richard Chevrolet is one of the premier Chevy dealerships in CT and they have the full range of Chevy vehicles to offer you. They also provide servicing and aftermarket service and have used cars as well as brand new stock. That brings us to the next question: do you want a new car, or a used example?

New or Used?

A new Chevrolet is an attractive proposition, and Richard Chevy will happily show you the models that interest you. But why not consider a used Chevy? Those in stock at Richard Chevy have all been fully checked and serviced and will be sold with warranty.

A used Chevy can be a massive saving on the list price, and this is a great way to get a higher specification car than you could afford when buying new. Talk to Richard Chevy about finance deals. Let’s have a closer look at this factor.

Need Finance? No Problem!

Many Used Car Dealers offer finance deals. For example, both Richard Chevy and Frank’s Auto Credit – another of CT’s leading dealers – can get you excellent deals on finance packages, and the latter will even offer finance to those with poor credit ratings. It’s easy to fall behind in these days of hardship, so talk to them about available deals.

Enjoy Your New or Used Chevy!

Few cars make the heart beat faster than the iconic Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette, both performance legends from the USA. If you want an SUV, we recommend you check out the trusty and popular Chevy Silverado range, and you’ll see why it’s one of the most numerous vehicles on US roads.

You might want an electric vehicle, and the revamped 2023 Chevrolet Bolt is at the leading edge of technology in that area. The choice is yours, so make an appointment and go and have a look at the 2023 Chevy range.