Buying an Auto-Sleepers Motorhome



Think of your dream motor caravan and sooner or later you are likely to conjure up visions of an Auto-Sleepers Motorhome.

It’s not difficult to understand why any one of the wide range of Auto-Sleepers should steal into your dreams – year after year they walk away with some of the top awards of the most critical reviewers in the industry.

In 2017 alone, for example, panels of some of the best-informed critics in the business awarded Auto-Sleepers awards …

Motor Home Design Awards 2017

Made by none other than the Caravan and Motorhome Club, top prizes were awarded to:

  • the Peugeot Corinium RB luxury coachbuilt model in the class for vehicles priced at more than £65,000;
  • the Peugeot Broadway EB in the class for coachbuilt vehicles priced between £51,000 and £65,000; and
  • a second-place win for the Peugeot Kingham van conversion in the class for vehicles priced between £52,000 and £59,000.

Owner Satisfaction Awards 2017

Practical Motorhome – in conjunction with the Caravan and Motorhome Club – also awarded gold medals to Auto-Sleepers as among the best new motorhome manufacturer and most favored pre-owned motorhome manufacturer (winning more than 86% of the votes).

The proof of the pudding

You don’t have to take the word of these motorhome magazines, their surveys, and their award ceremonies. The real proof of the pudding lies in casting your own critical eye over an Auto-Sleepers Motorhome – and, better still, getting to view a whole range of them in the showrooms and exhibition spaces of the country’s leading Auto-Sleepers dealers. (Some, such as Derby Motorhomes, even have virtual showrooms, so you can view your Auto-Sleeper from the comfort of your own home).

You’ll want to take your time examining the various models available, so choose an exhibition space that is comfortable, warm and dry, where there are well-informed salesmen on hand to answer your questions about every last detail of the motorhomes in which you are interested.

The models

There are many Auto-Sleepers to choose from. At the top of the range, representing as much luxury as you are likely to find in any coachbuilt motorhome are the models based on a Mercedes chassis and the manufacturer’s powerful 2.2-litre turbocharged diesel engine, with an output of 163 bhp. This comes with a 5-speed, fully automatic gearbox and rear wheel drive.

Equally popular is the AL-KO range of Peugeot coachbuilts. Kitchens in these luxury motorhomes incorporate a full-size, twin-fuel hob, with separate oven and grill, a separate freezer along with a fridge and microwave.

The toilet and shower room is elegantly designed, with the shower itself separately enclosed, so that the rest of the room remains dry.

The well-equipped bedroom has two full-size single beds and is also completely separate from the living area

For great value at slightly cheaper prices, you might instead look at the Auto-Sleeper range of Peugeot van conversions.

Buying an Auto-Sleepers Motorhome

Although the range caters for buyers of different means, there is no getting around the fact that an Auto-Sleeper Motorhome represents a very significant investment. They are so well-built and hold their prices so well that even used models are likely to set you back a substantial amount.

With many suppliers equipped with teams of specialists ready to advise on your financing options and on hand to make the necessary arrangements on the spot, there need be no further obstacle to buying your dream motorhome.