Buying A Classic? Don’t Get Burned!


While a lot of old cars simply aren’t fit for modern needs, there are a handful of classics that still have engines that purr beautifully, interiors you can’t help but recline in, and a concentration of unique beauty and style you simply can’t get in modern models. Classic cars can give you hundreds of miles and years of enjoyment, but if you rush into the market without knowing what you’re looking for, you’re definitely going to get burned. Here are some tips for buying the classic that’s right for you, and avoiding some common rookie blunders…

Know How to Evaluate Quality and Value Attributes


One thing that hurts a lot of first-time classic car buyers is that they don’t know that there can be a massive difference in quality and value from one classic to the next. The functional assets of a classic car can be evaluated in more or less the same way you would with any car, but there are various other factors you need to think about which don’t have much to do with quality, but can have a pretty big impact on the overall value. Cars that seem more or less identical to your average enthusiast can have a number of subtle difference that affect its market value. Fail to understand these, and you can easily get ripped off.

Do your Due Diligence Before You Buy


Another big mistake, which even seasoned collectors have been known to make, is putting money down without enough accurate information and knowledge about the car itself, and the person who’s trying to sell the vehicle to you. Of course, many privately owned classic cars are going to be in another country, and while you’re fussing over import regulations and services like Shiply car transport, it can be hard to remember to really pick the car apart and understand what you’re getting into. However, this is a very important step in the whole process, and if you neglect it, you could quickly find that you’re walking right into a scam. If the seller you’re talking to seems hesitant or unwilling to come up with any particulars about the car that you want to know, walk away. You may have waved away the car of your dreams, but the possibility of a costly car scam isn’t worth the risk!

Forget About Modifying


A lot of classic car buyers, particularly when it’s their first rodeo, think that with enough work and money, they can turn a clunky, poor-quality classic car into a gorgeous, functional machine. This is almost never the case. In the majority of cases, throwing money at a beat-up classic car will only turn it into another thinly disguised piece of junk for the scrap heap. On the other hand, a car in decent condition under the hood, but with a few nicks and scratches, can be restored to its former glory fairly easily. Just remember that the time and money you put into it will rarely lead to profits if you’re planning to sell your car in the near future.


As you go ahead with buying your first classic car, be sure to keep this advice in mind!