Burning Rubber Or Burning Car? Common Car Problems That Need Your Attention!


Cars require a lot of love, care, and attention. There are many people that, as soon as their car hits some minor problem, they don’t bother sorting out the issue, it’s much easier to give up on it and go for a newer model, but where is the love in that? The fact of the matter is, prevention is much better than cure, and there are common car problems that we can all fix if we just spend a bit of time on our cars instead of driving them into the ground. Here are some no-no’s and how to sort out the problems.

Not Checking The Engine Light

If it flashes, for god’s sake, do something about it now! If it pops up while driving, we’ve forgotten about it by the time we reach our destination, and then other things arise, and before we know it, it’s breakdown time! It is sensible to get it seen as soon as possible because it could result in costlier repairs the longer you leave it.

Ignoring The Tire Pressure

When it comes to the pressure, we may think that they look inflates properly, but sometimes things aren’t as they appear. Even if your tire appears fully inflated the lack of tire pressure can put many strains (or pressures, if you will) on your car. The lack of air in your tires can impact on your wallet as the fuel economy could be affected. Even the weather has a bearing on tire pressure; a reduction of 10 degrees in temperature causes tires to lose 1 to 2 lbs. of air pressure!

Not Changing Your Wipers

Windshield wipers are prone to degrading as time goes on and will leave streaks on your windscreen. If your wipers are at the streaky stage, you need to replace them. It’s important to change them as soon as you can because your view of the road will be seriously impaired if you constantly drive in terrible weather, or live in Britain.

Cleaning Your Rear Windshield With The Wrong Cleaner

Using standard glass cleaner is bad for your rear window because the ammonia in the cleaner will break down the heating elements in the windshield, which are the thin red lines you see. This helps with defrosting. You will need to use a car window repair company if you have already noticed issues with the defrosting to replace the windshield. But make sure you use window cleaner spray that is designed for use on automotive glass to prevent this happening in the future.

Being A Cowboy And Trying To Service The Vehicle Yourself

Just because you googled it doesn’t mean you should open your own mechanics and grow a mustache to go with your greased denim jeans. The great thing about modern cars is that they are computerized to such an extent that they will let you know if there is something wrong with the car, such as the oil or tire pressure. If it is beyond your realm of knowledge, get a professional to look at it! It’ll be cheaper than getting a new engine because you tore it out looking for the gearbox!