Big Regrets That Most Drivers Can Relate To (No.3 Is Just Embarrassing)

Image credit: Driving will be far more enjoyable if you avoid the mistakes below.

Driving is wonderful… most of the time.

Unfortunately, there are moments where it’s very hard to love driving and our cars. You’ll make it even harder on yourself if you fall into any of these common pitfalls. Here are five that millions of drivers fall victim to each year.

#5. Not Packing Jumper Cables And Essentials

Even if you are the greatest driver and have an expensive and reliable car, there’s still a chance that faults will occur. Breaking down is frustrating at all times, but you can reduce the stress by being well prepared. Keeping jumper cables, a map, and a spare cell phone in the trunk enables you to get out of most situations. You’ll still need to seek extra care to get the car back to its best. Still, escaping the initial problem is a major bonus. When it’s avoidable, waiting in the cold for a recovery van to arrive is nothing short of a disaster.

#4.Trying To Fix It Ourselves

There are a number of maintenance tasks that can be completed by any car owner. From pumping up the tires to flushing the radiator system, those jobs make a big impact on the costs and comfort of driving. Unfortunately, more serious jobs require certified car care. Take the DIY approach, and there’s a good chance that the damage will become worse. And you will be red-faced while handing over more money than was originally necessary.

#3. Using The Wrong Gas

As drivers, we are all guilty of entering pilot mode in a variety of situations. The gas station is one of the leading candidates, and there’s nothing worse than filling up the tank only to realize you’ve used the wrong type of fuel. When this happens, the key is not let the fuel enter the engine. It’s mortifying, but emptying the tank on the forecourt is essential as you look to contain the damage. Oh, and you might want to start using a different fuelling station from now on.

#2. Rushing A Car Purchase

We all get a little giddy about the prospect of buying a new car. Our eyes can quickly fall in love with a vehicle, but it needs to feel right too. Taking a test drive is essential ahead of all vehicle purchases. When choosing a used vehicle, you’ll also want a full service history if available. Finding the right car is essential, but getting the right price and repayment plan is also significant. Don’t be afraid to negotiate or look at the potential of leasing. Your satisfaction is everything.

#1. Getting Bullied On The Road

When you’re new to the road, it’s natural to feel a little timid. It’s not uncommon for aggressive drivers to take advantage, and this can leave you feeling a little silly. Worse still, the aggressor may try to escape the blame for a crash or collision. If necessary, calling the experts is fine. The last thing you should do is let the other road user walk over you. When you do this, it could open up financial and logistical nightmares. And you’ll feel awful about it for years to come.

Do everything you can to avoid those issues above, and life on the road will feel smoother and happier.