Best Buildings with Parking in NYC

NYC is a city filled with culture, museums, theater, gorgeous parks, some of the most beautifully designed buildings in the world, unparalleled restaurants, world-class shopping, and nightlife like you won’t find anywhere else. Even with all of these elements that comprise this vibrant city, there’s just one thing that New York City doesn’t have enough of: parking.

It’s true. Finding a spot to park your car has been a bit of a dilemma since the Model-T puttered around Manhattan’s grid system. Today’s drivers wake up early to move their car (if they can find a spot), scour the internet for parking garage deals, or forgo owning a car altogether.

And that is a shame because there are so many day and weekend trips to be had that are within driving distance. In a few hours by car, you could be on the sandy beaches of the Hamptons, an autumnal hike Upstate, a winter ski trip, or a spring antiquing expedition in the Hudson River Valley.  Even just an everyday shopping trip is reason enough to own a car in the city. Imagine lugging that giant mirror you bought at the shop downtown on the subway!

Don’t let parking stand in the way there are a few high-end buildings that can put your parking paranoia at ease and as a giant plus: these are some of the most luxurious and sought after buildings in the world filled with massive condos and astonishing amenities—of which parking is one.

Here are some of the best buildings in New York City to park and live:

Central Park Tower

When you live in the tallest residential building in the world, your expectations should be very high. Towering 95 stories above “Billionaire’s Row,” Central Park Tower doesn’t disappoint. The apartments here are bright,  airy examples of modern design. And then there are the views of the entire city. When it comes to amenities, as you would expect, they are top-of-the-line: poolside beverage service, a fitness center with coaches, and much more. And for those who need to park their car, a valet car service and storage. Simply pull up to the building unpack your luggage or your purchases, and have the valet do the parking.

One Manhattan Square

The Lower East Side is a prime location to be if you want to experience the ultimate in downtown NYC living. And one Manhattan Square gives residents that with over 100,000 square feet of amenities, including on-site parking. The LES is also a prime locale for any car lover. FDR Drive, a highway on the East Side of Manhattan along the River, gives you access to all destinations east and north. It’s even just a quick drive across town, and you’ll be through the Holland Tunnel in no time.

The Kent 

Families love the Upper East Side, and it’s easy to see why. In this neighborhood, there are only the best schools for kids, proximity to Central Park, and cultural institutions where they can explore and grow. Family-friendly condos like those at The Kent on 95th Street afford everyone in the family conveniences like nowhere else. Children have their own playroom, and parents have the peace of mind that everything they need is just a request away, like valet parking. There’s nothing better than coming home from a family trip and having the 24-hour doorman help you with your bags and having someone else park your car.