Bad Driving Habits That You Need To Ditch Now


We all have bad habits. For instance, many men are often blamed for leaving the toilet seat up after they use it. Some people wish they could quit their smoking habit while others know that they should really cut down on all their snacking in between meals.

Bad habits can haunt us in different areas of our lives, but there are some particular ones that could prove to be quite dangerous – bad driving habits. When you are behind the steering wheel, it is crucial that you are always focused on the road. Otherwise, you will be a lot more likely to cause a serious accident.

Not sure if you have some bad driving habits? These are the ones you need to ditch!

Road Rage

Lots of people drive quite aggressively. They are very easily annoyed by their fellow road users’ behavior and this can frustrate them and make them angry. This isn’t good for anyone who is driving, as your road rage could be quite distracting. You might also make some very poor decisions, especially if you want to make another driver “learn a lesson”. So, be sure to stay chill when you are in the car. There are tips to deal with road rage at


Using Your Phone

If you take a look on sites like, you will see that one of the biggest causes of car accidents currently is the use of mobile phones. If you do use your phone when you are driving, you won’t be giving your full attention to the road and what is going on around you. Therefore, you will be less likely to notice any developing situations that could require you to act. You will also be slow to respond to any hazards on the road.

Forgetting To Signal

Whenever you are going to turn a corner or turn onto another road, you always need to signal, even if there is no other traffic behind you. This just keeps you in the habit of doing so. Signalling lets all the other road users know what you intend to do so they can give you space and allow you to do so safely.

Rushing The Lights

If you are ever in a rush to get somewhere, you might try and get through an orange light as quickly as possible so that you don’t end up stuck at a red light. This is a very dangerous habit to get into as it could easily cause an accident on a dangerous road. Be sure to always take your time and slow down whenever you need to get ready to stop.



Tailgating is when one driver follows another too closely. Not leaving enough space between the two vehicles won’t give you much time to brake if they ever stop suddenly. Most experts say that you need to leave about 2 seconds between you and the vehicle that you are following. Any smaller, and you will be very unlikely to come to a stop quickly enough if you ever need to.

Be sure to kill these bad habits!