Avoid A Trucking Mess With Your Next Large Vehicle Purchase

Big vehicles can become big and costly mistakes if you pick the wrong ones, as they aren’t cheap, and cause some serious damage on the road if anything does go wrong. That is why it’s essential to know the ins and outs of truck buying before you part with any money. So, read on for the low-down on what to look out for when buying a truck so you can ensure you don’t make a trucking mess of it all!

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Struggling to obtain your first truck as an entrepreneur is a common issue that many drivers face. Being a non-homeowner can make it extremely difficult, especially as you don’t have a credit history to go from. Luckily, there are a number of reputable lease purchase programs that can help you get on track with your dream of owning a truck. Owning a truck gives you so many opportunities as an entrepreneur, so these financing options will help you to bring those visions to life.

Fuel economy and cost

One of the reasons that you have to get your large vehicle choice spot on first time it is that the initial cost, as well as the running cost, can make a huge difference to the success of your business. After all most buyers that are looking for trucks will be using them to transport items for their work. So if the purchase price and running costs are too high, it can affect their profits.


That is why a lot of folks go for the more reasonably priced mid-range vehicles like the 2003 Isuzu NPR200 Curtainsider and Mitsubishi Canter Pantech. With the later model doing almost 13 MPG being a particular favourite. Making it not only cheaper to buy, but also cheaper to run on a monthly basis as well.


Looks might not seem that important when you are investing in a truck. After all it is the brawn and the muscle that you want, so you can effectively transport the equipment that you need to site. However, you shouldn’t ignore way your vehicle looks entirely, as it is a part of your professional image. In fact, it is often the first thing that the client will see when you arrive on site, so it needs to be reasonable at least.

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That makes the IVECO Daily 45c and the 2017 ISUZU NPR 45, worth taking a look at. With the 2017 ISUZU NPR 45, in particular having a sturdy, but smart appearance with galvanised aluminium body and a quick sliver cab. Something that gives it a smart and professional appearance that is sure to impress your clients.

To find out more about this model check out companies like TruckDealersAustralia.com.au online. As there you can get a good idea of the cost and the other details. You can find models like these by looking at TruckDealersAustralia.com and browsing their selection, to make sure you find the right one for you.


Of course, a vital component of any larger vehicle is the comfort and stability of the cab. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in there each day driving to and from site, you are going to want it to be decent.

With this in mind, there are a few particular points that you need to be aware of. Firstly, make sure to check out the seats before you make your purchase, ensuring it is as comfortable as possible. The Ford Transit Double Cab is a good example of a truck with seats that get a rave review, making them a good choice for anyone concerned with comfort.

Next, don’t forget to take a test drive to check the sound level in the cab. This is because larger vehicles can be pretty noisy on the road. Especially when they are loaded up to capacity, and when the cab is properly soundproofed. Producing a maddening situation for the driver and mate on long journeys. Although you can use products like the ones available at megasorber.com to help with this.

If this is something you are concerned about, then the DAF Extra Quiet CF Distribution Truck and Volvo FE are good options, as they are well soundproofed.


Possible the most important factor when choosing a truck is the load that it can carry. This is because if you can’t transport the items that you need to get the job done, you are going to make your own life more difficult, take longer on the jobs you do, and not impress your customers as easily.

That means it’s pretty vital that you consider the capacity carefully of the large vehicle that you are going to buy. With this in mind, small businesses, a pickup like the ones listed at businessinsider.com.au can be a good option. The Ford Ranger pickup, with a load capacity of f 1,217kg, can work well. While larger business may want to pick something like the Citroen Relay 35 L2 H1 130. As it can hold up to 1600kg comfortably over medium to long journeys.



Obviously the bigger the vehicle, the more important that the handling is to ensure maximum safety, both for you the driver, and for other road users. With this in mind be sure to consider the following things before you make your purchase.

The first is the turning circle. This is the amount of space needed by the vehicle to turn without reversing. Obviously the longer the vehicle, the more space it will need, making it more difficult to manoeuvre and handle. So if this is a concern for you it may be better to opt for a machine with a small turning circle. A truck that fulfils this criteria is the MAN TGL, and for a list of cars with smaller turning circles check out spacepark.com.au.

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Also, you will also want to take note of the gearbox, and how this affects the car’s handling. Bombing down the motorway in a heavy, loaded up vehicle comes with safety risks and you don’t want to add to these with risking that the truck won’t do what you ask it to when you ask it. Whether that is slow down, speed up, change gear, or take evasive action. In fact, if the steering is off, it can be incredibly problematic in the long run, so look into the Volvo FH, if this something high in your priority list.

Reliability and income

Last, but most certainly not least, the reliability of the machine you are buying is important. Time is money as they say, so if your truck is breaking down all of the time, it will cost you a fortune in missed work. Not to mention the price of the repairs themselves!

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So always look for a reliable brand and model to save you the hassle of it being in and out of the shop, when all you want to do is get on with the job in hand.