Are You Planning On Driving Home For Christmas?


Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and this weekend spells the start of December. There’s excitement in the air, and most of us are starting to cement our plans for Christmas day. For some, that means nothing more than walking to a friend’s or staying at home.

For a fair few others, Christmas means preparing for a long-haul drive to hometowns and family get-togethers. This is, of course, all part of the excitement for some. But, it is worth noting that that drive home can be somewhat treacherous.

We’ve all seen the movies. The hero’s driving home with a car full of presents. A snow plough knocks them into a muddy ditch. We pan out to their still-rolling wiper blades. It’s a tear-jerking scene, and it isn’t far from the truth. Roads are dangerous at this time of year. If you’re planning to head home, then, you might want to consider the following ways you can keep yourself safe.

Leave before Christmas eve if you can

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Many of us work right up until last thing on Christmas Eve. This is the worst time to hit the roads. Tailbacks and crowding can lead to accidents galore. Everyone will be rushing, after all, and are therefore more liable to make fatal winter driving mistakes. Avoiding this rush is your best bet for arriving safely. If you can, finish up your jobs a day or two early. Work into the evenings to get everything done. Then, head off before the dreaded Christmas Eve crush.

Check for accidents

Even if you do have to leave this trip until the last minute, ease your journey a little by checking for traffic accidents before putting your key in the ignition. As we mentioned above, the rush of Christmas eve leads to various accidents on the roads. This then leads to pile-ups which can act like pressure cookers. They brew all the road rage and pent-up speed until finally, all those cars emerge in a raging rush. And, of course, more accidents happen as a result. Your best bet for avoiding all that is to map out accidents before you leave. That frees you to select alternative routes which are sure to keep you clear of the worst congestion.

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Force yourself to take a break

We know how it is; your mum has messaged that she’s got some mince pies and port ready for your arrival. All you want to do is put this stressful journey behind you. As a result, you rush through the whole thing without so much as a five-minute break. The trouble is, tackling a long drive without pause is sure to see you feeling pretty tired. You don’t need us to tell you why that’s a problem. Even if you just pull up at a petrol station to get a soft drink, you need to stop off around once every hour of your journey. These pit stops will keep you awake and see you arriving safe and sound to begin those festivities.