Are Motorbikes Better Than Cars?

If you are something of a petrol head, the chances are you enjoy the thrill of speed and love nothing more than putting the pedal to the metal. However incredible your driving experiences have been, and however fast or exciting your driving experiences have been, a motorbike could be the next step in your petrol head exploration. Motorcycles are still seen as a niche breed. More people would have a sporty little convertible on their driveway rather than the latest Suzuki GSX. However, if you are eager to expand your motoring horizons, you might want to check out the joys of motorbikes. Take a look at why some people believe motorcycles are better than cars.

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Purchasing a brand new car will set you back five figures. To obtain the same top spec motorcycle, you are looking at four figures. This saving can then be spent on more comprehensive insurance and to secure the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer should you ever need one. Motorbikes are also more fuel efficient. So, even if you love the speed and the handling of your two wheels, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are achieving more miles to the gallon than you would with a set of four wheels. Motorbikes also hold their value more. The moment you drive off the forecourt in your new convertible, it has depreciated in value. This isn’t the case with motorbikes, that often can see their values hold admirably.


The motorcycling community is close knit and has a solid bond unlike any other motoring community. Bikers will always nod to one another as they pass on country lanes, and you can be sure of a good chat with a fellow motorbike enthusiast at a race meet, or just filling up at the gas station. The community is tight and has a family feel. There are clubs across the country for people who want to get involved in motorcycles and they are always willing to make newbies feel welcome.

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The Thrill Of The Ride

While cars can offer incredible handling, powerful acceleration and a challenge when endeavoring to power through tight corners, a motorbike offers a very different thrill. When you ride a motorbike, you are more open to the elements and can physically feel the wind rushing past your leathers or the rain hitting your helmet. The challenge to maintain a steady ride is greater, and you have a greater connection to the outdoors. Some powerful motorbikes have greater acceleration and horsepower than their four wheeled counterparts, making a Sunday afternoon drive less sedate and more adrenaline inducing.

If you’ve never considered two wheels before, get yourself down to an experience day where you can venture on the back of a pro and get a feel for the ride. You might find yourself at a race track or traversing some winding country lanes. When you catch the motorcycling bug, you can swap your sporty convertible for the latest Fireblade and enjoy your own thrilling motoring experience.