Are Bad Driving Habits Costing You A Fortune?

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Did you ever think that being a bad driver can cost you money? Well, it can because the way you drive your car will affect how much fuel you’ll need as well as how much maintenance you might need. It could also impact your insurance premium, and ultimately that’s going to lead to very big bills for you. So, what type of bad driving habits are we talking about? Well, there are quite a few, and we’re sure you’re guilty of at least one or two of them.

You Speed Demon

Do you love driving fast? Of course, you do, who doesn’t? But unfortunately driving fast does cost you a lot of money. To put this in perspective, you might buy a supercar for fun and take it to a track. During that time, you could spend half an hour racing it around at full speed, swinging it around the bends and having a grand old time at well over one hundred miles per hour. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Of course, you might not be so pleased to discover that the delicious burst of excitement actually costs you a full tank of gas. The same is true on the highway. The faster you ride, the more fuel you waste.

Put The Pedal To The Metal

In this case, we’re talking about braking, and if you brake too hard too often, you’ll quickly find that you use more petrol and power. Again, it’s going to lead to higher fuel costs. In fact, there’s a memorable episode of Top Gear where Clarkson was trying to race from London to Blackpool on one tank of gas. To do it for the last few miles he had to stop braking completely and shockingly, it worked! This blog post explains how much hard braking costs you in fuel and even offers a few solutions on how to resolve the problem.

Squeaks And Eeks

Do you love pulling off those brilliantly beautiful handbrake turns. In doing so, you’re essentially scraping the tyres across the ground, and this quickly burns away the rubber. Eventually, it’s going to leave you with wheels that are no longer road safe. Tyres cost around ninety each, so that is quite an expensive trick you are performing. You might want to leave the handbrake turns to stuntmen and instead focus on saving your pennies for something other than a new set of tyres.

You’re Driving Dangerously

We all have little driving habits that make us a tad more dangerous on the road. Some people will overtake at moments that are a little risky. Others like to car hop on the highway, but where’s the harm. Well if you are using a satnav it’s possible that the data from that drive could be sold to insurance companies. Eventually, that might leave you with a higher premium. It’s difficult to prove this, but many drivers feel as though it has happened to them. So, it’s something worth thinking about, particularly if it could save you a few hundred each month.

Hopefully, by knowing the issues, you can cut out the bad habits and save yourself a fortune in the process.