All You Need to Know about Car Rental Services in Romania

Romania is one of the best destinations for avid travelers. The flexibility of travel and movement around the city is impressive. However, you can have a better experience in Cluj by renting a car. While there are countless options with respect to car rental companies, you need to go for the best quality and reliable services. If you are new, at least get a driving guide from the rental company to avoid inconveniences like getting on the wrong side of the law. You also need to familiarize with driving regulations, costs, and insurance policies.

Why rent a car?

To experience the serenity and magic of Cluj town in Romania, a car is the best option. It offers you the flexibility, which is everything you need in a vacation. No one likes to travel with a lot of luggage but sometimes it is inevitable. If you are traveling with family, you will obviously have to get to reality of dealing with luggage all through your journey. However, you do not have to compromise on comfort and traveling experience because of luggage, this is why you should consider rent a car cluj, one of the best options in the market.

Besides convenience, it gives you control over the trip. The fact that you are seeking adventure, you will have to make multiple random stops. The convenience with renting a car is incomparable.

Also, renting a car will save you money in several occasions. Instead of depending on transport services and their prices, you can fuel based on the distance and be in control. In most cases, driving is cheaper.

Public transport in Romania is efficient. The buses are affordable and comfortable. However, you cannot avoid eventualities that come with delays in schedules and traveling with strangers.

Rental car

To enjoy adventure in Cluj and Romania at large, you should focus on the epic roads. Go off the paths to discover the natural wonders and architecture of the town. There are countless interesting locations and historical sites to explore within the larger Romania region. You can pick a car in Cluj and traverse the other parts of Romania.

Car rental services in Romania, gives you the liberty to choose paths to adventure. You can move at your pace depending on your vacation schedule.

Rental car services in Cluj are not only favorable to visitors; locals can also experience the convenience and flexibility around the town with a rental car.Cluj is in a strategic location; you can drive to most of the popular destinations in Romania in few hours. If you are interested with exploring the salt mines, mountains, and traditional villages in Romania but stranded on getting there, consider car rental services.

What you need

Car rental is probably a new concept to you. You might be wondering the type of cars available, price, documentations among other questions with regards to Romania driving policies.

Here are some tips;

  • The standard age requirement is 21 years. Even if you drive at a lower age in your native, Romania requires this minimum age.
  • You have to produce a valid driving license with experience for at least 12 months
  • To drive on Romanian roads, you need international driving permit or a valid European driving license for locals. Be sure to keep your insurance document close and a passport or ID.
  • You can drive in Romania with a US driver’s license and a valid passport.
  • Temporary driving licenses are not allowed. An international driving license is the best option because it helps in easy identification with foreign authorities.

Variety of cars

If your concern is car model or brand, you will be overwhelmed. The industry is well established; you can request a car with particular specifications and get it delivered in time. Of course, different car rental firms offer different products in terms of car brands; you should research extensively to ensure you pay for value.

Customer care

Car rental services in Cluj are the best. The companies offer support from the booking stage and through your lease period. Unless you find it necessary to physically visit the premises, you can order a car for rental on phone or through an e-commerce website and get it delivered within few hours.

Cars are well maintained. However, mechanical issues can occur at any point. In case of such, you can easily reach the company through customer care representatives and your issue will be sorted. In most cases, a replacement or expert close to your location will help you at no extra cost. If you are driving within Cluj, you are more than secure because solutions will be minutes away.

How to choose a car hire company


Before approaching any car rental company, check for online reviews on what other customers think of the services. It will help you make an informed decision. If there are any downsides to your preferred company, you can evaluate the risk level and make a wise choice. Most car rental in Romania run e-commerce websites meaning you can easily evaluate their reputation.


There are negligible differences in car rental services in Romania. Most charge per hour. However, companies can differ in prices as a competitive technique. Check on any additional services and discounts to match your budget needs.