All The Perks, None Of The Costs

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Owning a car comes with an almost infinite myriad of pros ranging from the practical to convenient to the luxury. They offer someone that freedom and independence we so desperately need – that ability to live a life with the privilege of spontaneity – which is why everyone is so desperate to get a license and car the moment the law allows them to. But there are also downsides to owning a car; mainly the cost.

Vehicles cost money. There is the purchase of the car itself, insurance, tax, maintenance, repairs, depreciation, fuel and the cost of counseling every time you get road rage. What’s more, these costs are only going in one direction and it is not down. But is it really possible to live without owning a car?

Well, here a few legitimate alternatives that could give you all the convenience and none of the cost:

People Do Car Sharing

Yup, this is a thing, and one of the biggest and most successful car sharing services is ZipCar. Okay, so this is mainly an option for those that live in cities, but it is a truly astounding alternative to traditional ownership. As a member, you simply use your membership card to reserve a vehicle and then drive it for a predetermined amount of time before returning it to its spot, which is probably near your home. It is a matter of find, reserve, and drive, and everything is paid for, from insurance to fuel.

Go With Public Transport

There is still so much stigma around this option, but infrastructure has seen a huge boost and massive improvement over the last decade. What’s more, it is an adventure, and often far more efficient than driving. Trains will outrun a car, especially when going to or leaving from a major city. Then there are local National Express buses and Greyhound coaches, both of which will save you a fortune.

Weekend Driver

Chances are, you don’t need a car during the week because of work and, if you do, the company may provide you with a company car. Otherwise, you cycle, walk, take the bus, the tram or get a lift with a colleague, which means you only need a car on the weekends. So why not save yourself all those ownership costs and still enjoy the pleasures by using a service like Xtreme car rentals. Those weekend jaunts into the countryside with the family can still be attained, your surfing breaks can still be had and your wallet will be smiling.

Take A Cab Everywhere

This would have been avoided if you were a car owner because your money is tied up in the running costs of your car, but with an extra £5,000 a year being saved it is an option. What’s more, with companies like Uber now running the marketplace, not only is it a convenient option because you press a button and a car is waiting outside your door 90 seconds later, but it is also a cost-effective one. You could even use their deluxe option and imagine you have a private chauffeur.