A Life Of Cars

From the moment you pass your driving test, you’re embarking on a journey. Not a literal journey, but a metaphorical one; a journey through all the cars you are going to own in your lifetime.

Intriguingly enough, the vast majority of people will own the same type of cars throughout their lifestyle. Not the same make or model, of course; but the same general idea, moving through cars that have the same function through different life stages. Why not read through the list below and see how many of these standard different cars you’ve had– and which you might be looking forward to in the future?

The Clunker

Image: PixaBay

For most of us, our first car is… not great. You don’t have a lot of cash, so that means you buy anything with an engine that sort of seems to be working. You might even learn to make minor repairs yourself, trying to keep the car on the road and you mobile.

The Clunker tends to be an older car; one that has seen better days and has a fair few miles on the clock. The interior is usually faded from sunlight exposure, and a few of the functions don’t necessarily work when asked to.

Nevertheless, you love this car with a passion, because it’s yours. It signifies freedom; a chance to explore without your parents’ assistance; the world opening up before you. Sure, the Clunker doesn’t get far without breaking down, but you love it anyway.

The Upgrade

The second car of your life is the Upgrade, or as it may be better titled: Not A Clunker But Not Great Either.

The Upgrade tends to be far more reliable than the Clunker; you’re confident it will start every time you ask it to, which is a drastic improvement on what you’ve lived with before. It has a few more features than the Clunker, but it’s still a long way from your dream car.

Nevertheless, it serves a purpose. It’s more reliable, in better condition, and the drive is a lot nicer than you thought it would be. It’s not wonderful, but it’s not terrible either. The only downside is that it’s tough to emotionally connect with an Upgrade; it’s always judged more on what it isn’t than what it is.

The Real Deal

Image: Pexels

After a few years of hard work, it’s time to turn in the Upgrade and move onto the Real Deal.

The Real Deal might not be the car of your dreams, but it’s a lot closer than you have ever managed before. The Real Deal tends to be fancier, more high tech, more powerful than anything you have had before– and it’s a huge amount of fun to drive.

The Real Deal is often the first car that you have bought new, which means it has a special place in your heart. Alternatively, it may be second-hand, but an extremely high-quality second-hand that allows you access to features you wouldn’t be able to afford new.

It’s an exciting car and one you cherish. No, it’s not the car you have always imagined yourself driving, but it finds a place in your heart.

The Parenthood Car

You may originally have thought that you were going to stick with the Real Deal forever, but then parenthood comes along.

The Parenthood Car is one that you may have resisted. You may have even tried to stick with your Real Deal, but reality began to creep in. The trunk space is usually the deciding factor; you can make sure a baby fits into a car, but you can’t magically make your shopping and various baby-related accessories fit into a small trunk. You have no choice; you have to surrender to a Parenthood car.

Buying the Parenthood car is a totally different experience to any other car you will own. You find yourself considering aspects of a vehicle that you have never considered before. You focus on security features, airbags, in-car entertainment for young children; you browse for reviews of the best convertible car seats of 2017 and measuring to ensure your chosen option will fit rather than thinking about low-profile tires and top speeds. It’s a totally different experience; one that means that the car is less of a dream on wheels, and more a functional vehicle that you are going to need to use.

The Parenthood car tends to be large as well; you need that trunk space, after all, and to be able to travel as a family without being crammed into small quarters. Most often it will be bought new, though second-hand is common if you’re opting for a large minivan-style vehicle. You’ll never truly love this car; unlike any car before, it will just be a vehicle to you, but it nevertheless serves its purpose.

The Fanatic Car

Image: PixaBay

When your kids are in college and the school run is a thing of the past, you will move into an exciting phase of car ownership. At this time in your life, you have the funds and the freedom to choose a new car that truly fulfils your dreams. You find yourself tempted by a convertible, or you finally decide that you can’t go through life for another second without owning a supercar.

You indulge yourself, letting your inner car fanatic take the wheel (if you’ll excuse the pun) and make the decisions. You add on all the extras that tempt you; you let yourself be enchanted by promises of horsepower; and you love every single minute of it.

With the Fanatic car, you’ve reached the peak of your car ownership journey. You’re able to drive for hours, for nothing but pleasure. You might even enjoy the occasional track day, taking your time testing the engine and your own driving prowess. The Fanatic isn’t a sensible car and it isn’t practical either, but it’s the pinnacle, and the car you will cherish for years and years.

To Conclude

Do any of the above cars sound familiar to you?