A Beginner’s Guide to Road And Vehicle Safety


Road and vehicle safety is as important as making sure you’ve had a healthy breakfast. Keeping yourself safe, and sticking to the rules of the road also saves the lives of other road users and pedestrians.

What is Road Safety and Accident Prevention?

The following two core principals guide ROSPA or the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents:

  • Vision –

Life, free from serious accidental injury.

  • Mission – 

To share life-enhancing skills and knowledge to reduce serious accidents.

Keeping you safe from a fatal accident is the central ethos. 

But, how does this convey to everyday life?

To learn more and enrich your knowledge, read some of their articles relating to large vehicles safety and accident prevention here.

Dealing With Vehicle Accidents

Life can suddenly become more complicated when you’ve been involved in a vehicle accident, leaving you a little dazed and confused. 

Sometimes the whole situation may make you feel as if you have been lost in another reality. You can’t grasp what has happened, and yet the world is dashing by you at speed. 

But how can you deal with a vehicle accident?

What are the does and don’ts? 

Let’s start here by learning what you should do after being involved in an accident:

  1. Check yourself for any injuries.
  2. Check the well-being of the passengers of your vehicle.
  3. Get yourself and the other passengers of the vehicle o a safe place.
  4. Call the emergency services – Police, Fire Service and Medical.
  5. Wait for help to arrive.
  6. Exchange information with the other vehicle owner:
  • Name and contact details.
  • Insurance details
  • Drivers License and License Plate of the other vehicle
  • The type of vehicle, model, and make of the car involved.
  • The location of the accident.
  1. Document the accident by taking pictures of the scene, ask the attending police officer where you can get a copy of the accident report.
  2. Notify your vehicle insurers.

If you and your vehicle are involved in an accident, you may consider the following truck accident video, to gain more knowledge about how to prevent similar accidents while out on the road.

Keeping you, your passengers and other road users safe is what good driving, and being a responsible driver is all about.

Taking An Holistic Approach To Recovering From A Vehicle Accident

Following a vehicle accident, you may not be your usual self, and this may take you some time to recover. To aid your recovery, you may consider following these simple but useful tips:

  • Take time away from work and your regular daily routine for at least a day if not longer.
  • Hydrate – Drink plenty of water and fluids to help reduce any inflammation.
  • Movement  – Keep your self-moving, as this increases blood flow and helps with healing.
  • Eat anti-inflammatory foods see here.
  • Rest – Sleep as much as you can, and reduce any forms of stress.

Finally, you should also try to take short walks in nature, look at meditation and give yourself time to process what has happened to you, be gentle and kind.