8 Easy Ways to Get Discounts on Car Parts and Accessories

For starters, buying a car is already quite expensive. To make good on your investment, it is important to maintain it properly and bring it in for regular maintenance or immediate repairs to make sure it run smoothly. This will help you avoid more unnecessary expenses in the future.

When it comes to buying parts and accessories, you should know a few of the best ways to find good quality items without hammering your wallet. Listed below are 8 ways on how get good discounts on car parts and accessories.

Research, research, research!

This applies not just to buying car parts and accessories but also whenever you’re buying something that might cost a fortune. You want to be sure you’re getting the best product from a reputable brand or supplier.

There are online databases for used car parts that you can check out. You can also check out prices on Ebay. Researching will help you be able to compare prices and narrow down your list so that you can make the best decision.

Don’t forget to use discount coupons.

Yes, you read that right. Coupons aren’t just for groceries and supplies. Aside from finding them in newspapers or magazines, you can also check out various websites like http://www.totaldiscounts.co.uk/shop/micksgarage-com/ to get coupons for car accessories and parts for MicksGarage. This will help you pay for a lot less and get good deals on your purchases.

Always verify the parts number before buying.

Make sure to never miss this step before buying any part or accessory for your vehicle. Parts numbers are there to ensure that you will be replacing a broken part with the right fit. Buying a car part that’s not made for your car can present more problems and expenses in the long run.

Join forums and interact with car enthusiasts.

If you want to learn more about your car or if you need help figuring an issue out, a great way to do it (that’s free of charge) is to use online forums so that you can raise whatever car problem you’re having to people who know a lot about maintaining cars.

There are forums and even car clubs for specific makes and models of cars. Here you can learn trade secrets and practices, new maintenance and modification techniques, or even score used car parts for extremely low prices.

Portrait of cheerful woman at the automobile repair shop

Use the power of haggling.

Haggling is an important tool any time you need to buy something, especially in markets, junkyards, or in places where the price of an item is not set in stone. Not everyone is comfortable haggling but it will make a world of difference if you know how to do it.

Just make sure that before you haggle, you’ve done your research with regards to price, as the person you’re transacting with will also have the same information as you. Always remember to be polite and know your bottom line.

Don’t buy rare parts online.

When buying rare parts on the internet, don’t be content with what you see in photos. It will be better to check the parts or accessories yourself to ensure that what you’re buying is the real deal. The truth is, it will be hard to find unique or rare parts listed on the internet.

What you can do is maybe visit junkyards that have a proper car inventory, so that you could track down the parts yourself. You will also have the opportunity to haggle face-to-face for the best price.

It might also be cheaper to buy a “parts car”.

It might also be worth considering to buy a “parts car” especially if the parts and accessories you need are extremely hard to find or are only available for that specific make. This will be helpful if you’re repairing or restoring older and even vintage-type cars. The car can also be a source of other valuable spare parts.

If all fails, contact a dealer.

When you’ve already exhausted your contacts and still can’t find the right part or accessory, then that’s the time you need to call your dealer. Purchasing from a dealer will be more expensive compared to buying on Ebay or from a junkyard, so make sure you’ve scoured all the other places first before deciding to take this course of action.

Taking care of your car involves a lot of effort, not just financially but in making sure you only use high quality parts and accessories. Make sure you are always smart about your purchases so that you don’t waste anything in the process.