8 Driving Questions That You’re Too Shy To Ask (& Their Answers)

Image – Pixabay (CC0 License)

Driving plays a significant role in your daily life, but there are plenty of questions that you feel unable to ask. Until now.

Here are eight of the questions you may be itching to ask but won’t want to ask your friends.

#1. How can I get back into a locked car?

There’s nothing more frustrating than being locked out of your vehicle. A local locksmith is your best option. Whether you use a key or a remote, their support will get you back behind the wheel quickly.

However, we’d suggest getting a backup key cut to prevent future issues.

#2. How do I pump the tires?

Adding air to the tires is a job we must all complete from time to time. First and foremost, you should read your manual to identify what the psi (pound per square inch) rate should be. If it drops below this, you must act quickly.

Your local gas station will have a pump. Ask a worker to show you.

#3. How can I overcome my road trip fears?

Your first road trip is immensely exciting, but it’s natural to feel a little worried as it approaches. Making the right preparations will put your mind at ease. Using Google Earth can be a great way to fight anxiety too.

If possible, traveling with a confident driver is ideal.

#4. Why is my insurance so high?

It’s probably not your fault, especially if you’re a new driver. Your demographic, experience and car model can all impact this. Having a black box fitted to track your driving may help you reduce your costs.

Meanwhile, using a price comparison tool to find the best provider can work wonders.

Image – Pixabay (CC0 License)

#5. Why do I keep stalling?

Stalling is quite embarrassing but we all do it from time to time. When it’s more frequent, though, you may want to book advanced driving courses. After all, stalling in the wrong situation could put your health at risk.

A worn clutch could be at fault too. Speaking to a mechanic is advised.

#6. Why did I drive whilst drunk?

We all make mistakes, but this is a very serious one. Not only because you run the risk of a DUI criminal charge. In truth, it doesn’t matter why you did it. The key is that you don’t do it again. Ever.

When entering situations where drinking is possible, leave your keys at home.

#7. What can I do to improve my parking?

If you are used to simply parking on your driveway, parallel parking may be quite uncommon. Fitting some parking sensors or cameras will certainly aid the cause. And you should not be embarrassed about practicing every so often.

It could save you from some very stressful situations later down the line.

#8. What items should I keep in my car?

Accidents happen, but being prepared for them will seriously reduce their impact. Keeping a spare tire and jumper cables in the trunk is ideal. Meanwhile, a first aid kit, fresh water, and a spare cell phone should be kept too.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry – or unprepared.