5 Weird Traffic Laws You Didn’t Know About

Generally, traffic legislation is put in place for the benefit of everyone, whether they’re a driver or pedestrian. However, every so often a law is passed that makes a lot of people scratch their heads. Some of these are so obvious that they it’s amazing anyone bothered to enshrined them in law, but some are simply ridiculous! Here are some of the weird driving laws you never knew about…

In Glendale, California, It’s Illegal to Jump in or out of a Moving Vehicle


Hopefully, it will be obvious to you that jumping in or out of a moving vehicle isn’t a smart move outside of Grand Theft Auto. Perhaps this law is down to Glendale being so close to LA, and the amount of stunt men who pass through the town. This certainly isn’t the only weird driving law in Cali. If the massive danger of jumping in or out of a car wasn’t enough, doing this will also get you in trouble with the law in Glendale, CA.

No Driving Through Playgrounds in Georgia



This is another piece of legislation that’s just as obvious as all the DUI laws in the country. Apparently, the state legislature of Georgia thought it was necessary to pass a law which specifically prevents people from driving through playgrounds. Hopefully, you’ve never had a reason to drive through a place designed for children to play in. There’s nothing short of some apocalyptic natural disaster that can really justify this reckless act!

It’s Illegal to Run Out of Gas in Youngstown, Ohio



You could pour over all the historical records you want, and you’d never find an incidence of someone intentionally running out of gas. Nevertheless, there’s a law in place in Youngstown, Ohio, that makes running out of gas on a public road is a misdemeanor. As if running out of gas in the middle of a journey wasn’t frustrating enough, it could also land you with a hefty traffic fine! If you’re passing through Ohio any time soon, be sure to check your fuel gauge.

Swearing from a Vehicle is a Misdemeanour in Rockville, Maryland



If you’ve got a problem with road rage, then try to mind your language if you’re going through Rockville. Swearing while driving, provided other drivers or pedestrians can hear you, is a crime in Rockville, Maryland. Sure, road rage can be a form of distracted driving, and it’s never really pleasant to hear someone shouting profanity from a car. Still, many would agree that the state is overstepping is boundaries a bit here!

No Storing Trash in your Car in Hilton Head, South Carolina



Most people have left a little trash in our cars before, even if it was only through college. Well, if you’re going to be in Hilton Head, SC, you better keep the interior spick and span! If you use your car to store trash here, you’ll be guilty of a nuisance offense, and possibly liable for a fine. Messy cars aren’t pretty, but they’re certainly not something that needs to be enforced by police!