5 Ways You Can Promote Your Business on Your Car or Van

When promoting your business, the more people who see your advertisement, or business logo, the better for your business. Printing your advertisement or logo on your vehicle is an excellent way to tell the world what products or services you offer. You never know when someone will contact you by just seeing your car advert. You can promote your business on your car in several ways:

1. Car Wraps

Car wraps are a powerful method used to reach audiences and advertise brands. Most businesses that have used car wraps on their vehicles can attest to the power of this method to increase brand awareness. First impressions make for effective advertising, and it does not matter if you use the whole car body or use just a small part of the car. Using vibrant colors and powerful messages for the car wrap will grab everyone’s attention.

2. Invest in a Customized Magnet

If a car wrap feels like an expensive investment, or if you like to have the option of driving an ad-free car or van, then a customized car magnet is for you.

A magnetic vehicle sign is a large magnet that you can affix on to the back or side of the vehicle, which transforms your car into a moving advert. The magnet includes a logo, services, or products you offer, a phone number and, or a catchy phrase that will catch people’s attention. These magnets give you the flexibility of removing them any time without damaging your vehicle’s paintwork.

3. Rear Window Decals

Rear window decals are very popular with vans, small cars, or utility trucks. If your advert or logo is displayed on your window, it becomes more visible to drivers driving behind you. Rear window decals are safe and do not obstruct your rear vision as they are printed on a one way-vision vinyl. The vinyl is self-adhesive and perforated, which allows you to see through it when using the rearview mirror.

4. Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

One of the most cost-effective advertising techniques is vinyl vehicle lettering. The lettering makes it easier to advertise, but you need to follow some basic lettering requirements such as:

  • Use large fonts with your preferred custom vehicle graphics
  • Use colors that highly contrast with your van’s body color.
  • Use minimal wordings that can be read quickly by others
  • Keep the lettering simple, with only your business name, one advertising line consisting of four to five words, your web address, or phone number.
  • Use an outline effect on the main lettering line for more attention
  • Use retro-reflective vinyl whose color tone is rich by day and reflects at night.

5. Use a Customized Car Cover

When your car is not in use, a customized car cover is an excellent way to advertise. A custom vehicle cover is customized to fit the size of your vehicle. The covers are made from high-quality materials, which protect your car from UV rays, debris, and dust. The customized cover is printed all over with your logo or your advertisement of choice, which helps in promoting your brand awareness.


Advertising takes many forms, and your vehicle can help you to promote your brand wherever you go. Car wraps, customized magnets, rear window decals, vinyl vehicle lettering, and customized car covers.