5 Ways To Save Money On Motorcycle Repairs

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Owning a motorcycle is typically a lot cheaper than owning a car. That said, certain repairs can still leave a sting – particularly if you use the wrong repair methods. Below are just a few tips on how to reduce the cost of motorcycle repairs. 

Shop around for motorcycle repairs

Different motorcycle repair centers are likely to charge different rates. It’s worth taking the time to shop around before choosing a mechanic to do your repairs. If you already know what the problem is, you may be able to collect quotes over the phone. Check out repair center reviews to make sure that a repair center is trustworthy – a repair center with cheap prices could be compensating for a bad reputation, which could mean there’s a greater risk of a botched repair. You ideally want a mechanic that’s affordable but reliable. 

Do your own repairs

DIY repairs are much easier to carry out on a motorbike than on a car. Doing your own repairs could save you a lot of money, providing you have the right tools. You can shop for parts online and find lots of repair guides in the form of blogs and Youtube videos. Brake replacements and filter replacements are examples of jobs that are relatively easy to perform oneself. Don’t attempt to fix anything electrical and steer clear of repairs that may require expensive specialist tools.

Extend your coverage

Basic motorcyclist insurance won’t cover you against vandalism or wear and tear. It could be worth looking to extend your coverage so that you’re insured against other forms of damage – while this could result in paying extra fees each month, you’re likely to save money in the long run. You may be able to extend your warranty if you recently bought your motorbike from a dealership. Alternatively, you could look into taking out separate wear and tear insurance, which is available from some insurance companies. You can compare motorcycle insurers online. 

Know when to seek legal compensation

If damage was caused during a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, there may be the option of seeking out legal compensation to help cover repairs, as well as recovery for any injuries you may have sustained. You can seek out legal compensation by hiring the help of a motorcycle attorney. Where’s the best place to find a motorcycle accident attorney? In most cases, your best chance is to use the web where you can search through lots of attorneys in your area. Take your time to compare different attorneys so that you can find the best rates.

Maintain your motorbike

A good maintenance schedule can help to prevent many forms of wear and tear, saving you money in repairs in the long run. This includes making sure that tires are well-inflated, cleaning away dirt and grit, and making sure that the wheel is lubricated. If you store your bike outside, it could also be worth buying a cover that will protect it from the elements. You can find more motorcycle maintenance tips here