5 Ways To Make A Living Using Your Car

(Image source: YouTube.com)

For many of us driving is a passion but we all know the expense this entails, including tax, insurance and fuel. Thankfully there are ways you could generate extra income while doing the thing you love. So rather than your car being a liability, turn it into an asset with the following ideas.

Become a driving instructor

You will need to have a lot of patience with people but the opportunity to pass on lifelong skills will be rewarding, personally and financially. You will be self-employed, even if accredited by a driving school such as Red, so you will need to register with the HMRC. Your car will need to be legal and roadworthy and you will need to amend your insurance for business use. You will also need to take the Approved Driving Instructor test and modify your car for teaching purposes unless you purchase an already modified vehicle.

Join a courier service

As more people buy goods online there is a high demand for self-employed couriers. Companies such as Yodel are hiring regularly but you will need to take a criminal background check and ensure your car is up to scratch for the job. You may need to invest in a sat-nav if you regularly deliver to unfamiliar areas but generally, you are required to travel in your local area or as part of one of your regular routes. You will need to update your insurance to protect the goods you are carrying.

Become a taxi driver

Whether you work as a taxi driver for a local company or sign up to a service such as Uber, you will need to undertake the usual background checks for yourself and your car. You will need to apply for a license to work as a driver and undertake a medical check. Additionally, Uber require you have a modern car that is under five years old. You will also be required to undergo an assessment process to qualify your suitability to drive for them.

Deliver food

Be it a well-known food place such as Domino’s or a smaller takeaway business; drivers are an essential factor in the operation of their business. Dependent on the company, background and car checks may be needed, but there is one perk to this job, free or discounted food. That may be enough to make up for the occasional rude customer or prank phone call sending you into the middle of nowhere to a house that doesn’t exist.

Become a mobile billboard

Provided you don’t mind your car being plastered in adverts from a national or local firm, this is a pretty easy way to make money. The business will pay for the decal and placement on your car. All you need to do is drive each day as normal unless the company asks you to fulfil a certain number of miles. The more your car is covered in the self-adhesive adverts, the more you will earn. A company such as CarQuids state earnings of around £100 a month.