5 Tips That Will Prevent Your Van From Breaking Down

Vans are great, but they do have a tendency to break down. Every vehicle will break down from time to time, yet vans do it more regularly. It shouldn’t come as much as a surprise seen as they do more miles and carry more stress. Still, the last thing you want is to stand by the road while you wait for the tow service to take you home. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, take a look at the following.



1. Don’t Drive Fast

Cars have a lot more give and are better at going fast. Vans aren’t as fast, even though there are some that have a nice turn of pace. For the most part, they are vehicles that need to go slow or at a steady pace. Otherwise, the parts inside of the van will start to wear and tear. And, that is when the problems start to occur. Your driving style should be more like the tortoise than the hare if you want to keep your van on the road.

2. Buy A Reliable Van

There are makes and models that will break down regardless of your maintenance regime. The reason for is that they are not up to a high level of manufacturing. Some manufacturers don’t take the process as seriously as others, and it shows in the final product. As a result, you will have a variety of issues if you pick one of these vans. Obviously, you want to avoid them and choose one that is reliable. To do that, focus on Sprinter Vans and vans from reputable makers. Mercedes have a great reputation when it comes to reliability, and that is what you want when you buy a van.



3. Regular Service

Drivers don’t like to book a checkup for their car unless they think it is terminal. However, the trick is to prevent the big issues by dealing with the small issues. Every van has small issues that will or won’t affect the vehicle’s performance. By taking it to a mechanic, you will be able to stop them from escalating into something bigger. So, as soon as you feel or hear a problem, don’t hesitate to call the garage. Or, just take it in every couple of months for a tune up. Then, you will know that there is nothing seriously wrong.

4. Listen To The Van

You don’t have to be a mechanic to know that a van is about to break down. Almost every van will give you a warning sign beforehand, which is why you need to listen. The sign might only be small, but it is still a sign. A knocking sound is a great example. Anything that sounds as if it is knocking underneath the hood could be a loose part. It is problematic and potentially dangerous, and it needs fixing straight away. Alternatively, look for the actual warning signs on the dashboard.



5. Don’t Drive It

If the van does happen to have a problem, don’t drive it until you know that it is no longer an issue. Driving it will only make the situation worse and costly to fix. Either fix it straight away or find another vehicle you can use in the meantime.