5 Tips for Protecting Company Cars

Your company car(s) represent a significant proportion of assets, so it’s important to protect them as best you can. With innovative solutions, you can minimise the risks of accidents and vehicle damage, which will help to reduce the costs of maintaining your vehicles too.

Of course, this isn’t the only advantage that comes from protecting your vehicles. When you ensure your vehicles are protected, you’re increasing the safety of your drivers and other road users. By increasing road safety, you can help to reduce the number of accidents on the road and minimise the risk of injuries to road users and pedestrians.

If you’re keen to protect your investment, keep your company cars on the road and enhance road safety, take a look at these tips for protecting your company cars…

  1. Schedule regular inspections

Inspecting your company cars and trucks on a regular basis will help to identify potential issues which may arise. This gives you the opportunity to remove and repair vehicles which are deemed unsafe, which can prevent accidents occurring. Furthermore, being able to plan maintenance work in advance means you’ll incur less downtime. As a result, you’ll be maximising your resources and ensuring your cars are on the road at all times. 

  1. Add extra cosmetic protection

Bodywork repairs can be extremely costly, so they’re best avoided wherever possible. While a scratch or dent may not affect the operation of the vehicle, it doesn’t look great for your business. By adding side steps and body kits, however, you can increase bodywork protection and minimise the risk of cosmetic damage occurring. 

  1. Install dash cams

A fleet dash cam is essential for every vehicle you operate. Whether it’s lorries, trucks, cars or motorbikes, you’ll want to ensure that all vehicles are equipped with fully functional dash cams. If an incident does occur, a dash cam will provide you with video evidence. This avoids the difficulties of two drivers having differing accounts and ensures that the person responsible for the incident can be easily identified. 

  1. Track vehicles

Having the ability to track your company cars ensures you can pinpoint the location of a vehicle in seconds. If drivers have deviated from their route or are taking too many breaks, you’ll quickly be able to see where they are. This gives you more control over your vehicles and your staff, which ensures good practices can be maintained at all times. 

  1. Remote disable features

If a vehicle is driven without authorisation or is stolen, being able to remotely disable it can be extremely beneficial. In many cases, having a remote disable and unlock feature has enabled vehicle owners to reclaim their vehicles after they’ve been taken. 

Keeping your vehicles safe

In addition to having a secure location to park company vehicles, you’ll want to maximise their safety when they’re on the road. With the potential to increase business efficiency, reduce costs and improve road safety, telematics and automotive tech should be a top priority for any business.