5 Things that Will Completely Ruin Your Driving Experience

Man drinking beer while driving – Image Courtesy of Pixabay

There aren’t many things that can ruin your driving experience, but the ones that can be potentially fatal. Some of the issues you need to be aware of include the following.

Road Users with No Regard for Others

You’re going to have many problems on the road with bad drivers. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how some people got their licenses in the first place, so you need to watch out. You’ll likely get hit by some fool who pulls out without using a turn signal, causing you to crash your vehicle. A reputable lawyer can help you resolve any road incidents (you can visit injured.ca for more info). Still, you should be aware that you can’t make up for the stupidity of others. Even if you are the most responsible driver, there will always be idiots.

Not Respecting the Power of a Car

You’re the only one responsible for your car, and if you misuse your vehicle, it’s like a high-speed weapon. It would be best if you stay aware that most pedestrians cannot dodge an approaching vehicle in time, and you could cause massive structural damage to a building. In addition, some people lose control of their cars accidentally. It happens from time to time. Just make sure you’re respectful of your vehicle when you’re behind the wheel. And be mindful that you could ruin someone’s life if you drive in a reckless manner or such as speeding for fun.

Drink and Drugs will Ruin Your Driving

Millions of incidents are caused by alcohol and drugs every year, and most intoxicated car crashes result in tragic consequences such as life-changing injury or death. Unfortunately, the drunk driver often gets away with it while innocent people suffer. Let’s say you think someone is driving under the influence. Pull over to a safe place and call the police right away. Ignore any apprehensions about being labeled a snitch because you’ll save lives. Additionally, under no circumstances should you operate your vehicle if you are under the influence. It’s not worth it. 

Dangerous or Powerful Weather

Extreme and unpredictable weather is a result of climate change. Towns and cities can get hit by severe storms at any moment, causing chaos on the roads. If you keep a close eye on the weather, you can avoid most lousy weather. The weather can be unpredictable, so you never know when you’ll be hit with hurricane-force winds, torrential downpours, or golf-ball hail. If a storm suddenly hits you, then slow down, and take turns more carefully to avoid crosswind disasters. It is also helpful to learn how to brake effectively when the roads are slippery with ice.

Mobile Phones and Other Distractions

In the U.S. alone, 1.6 million crashes happen every year because people text and call while driving. Nearly everywhere makes it illegal to use your phone while driving because the distraction is just as bad as driving drunk. It’s impossible to stop people from using their phones while driving, but you can prevent yourself from doing it. Making a call isn’t worth risking someone’s life. Put your phone on silent or in the glovebox until you arrive if you can’t handle not answering it. You can spend some time at a service station if you expect an important call.


You can’t control everything around you, and the road is no different. So when driving, you need to be aware of bad drivers, weather changes, and deadly distractions likely to cause an incident.