5 Things No-One Tells You, Once You’ve Passed Your Driving Test.

The excitement has hit you, that you have the world at your fingertips. Passing your driving test opens up so many opportunities that you can go anywhere you like – No more waiting around for public transport! 

There are so many things to look out for and learn after you’ve passed, that sometimes you don’t know where to start, along with understanding road signs and insurance policies that it can be so overwhelming. 

Once you’ve passed your test, some vital things are never spoken about, which you should know, so see our top five things no one tells you below. 

You’ve been in a car accident. 

In the back of your mind is that fear of something going wrong, it may never happen but say you’ve been in an accident, would you know what to do? 

First things first are always to call 911, and while you are waiting for the police to arrive, keep yourself safe by climbing over the barrier, away from your car. Staying in your car can sometimes result in oncoming traffic hitting you, so keeping behind the barrier keeps you protected. If you are ever unsure about what to say when explaining the situation to the police, then it’s always a good idea to consult with a car accident attorney, where they can assist you when giving your statement to ensure nothing is used against you. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Spend time comparing car insurances

Often the first thing you want to do is choose the first car insurance quote you find so that you can be on the road as soon as possible. Doing this can result in you losing out on a lot of money that could be used for filling up your car or breakdown cover. Using compare sites to check multiple quotes so you can save a few dollars here and there along with changing up who is insured with you can help. Adding numerous people can make your quote cheaper because the insurance company thinks you’re not driving the car as much, meaning there are least likely to be any accidents. 

Pick a small car 

Choosing your first car is one of the most exciting parts of passing but picking a big, fancy car isn’t always the wisest decision because you’re already trying to get your head around driving on roads by yourself. Make it easier for yourself and choosing a used smaller car that you don’t mind getting a few scrapes and knocks on makes it less painful. You’re learning, enjoy the world of driving without the thought of accidentally bumping into a rail. Of course, once you’re confident in your driving abilities, an upgrade will be highly appreciated and looked after. 

De-ice your car properly

Although we all feel we can drive fine through a partly scraped car screen, not removing all the ice off your screen can lead you to a hefty fine. This can be seen as unsafe to drive and that you can’t see the full view of the road. Don’t forget to clean off your mirrors too as this can be a big obstruction when you are driving. Using a De-Icer is a quick option to remove ice along with a scraper to remove any thicker areas. Try not to use your wipers when frost is still on your screen as this can damage the rubber, causing you to fork out for another set of wipers. 

Also that tip about pouring boiling water onto your windscreen is not the best idea due to the difference between the freezing temperatures of the ice and the extreme heat from the water that can cause your windows to shatter. 

You’re rearview mirror has two settings

One thing that no one tells you is that your rearview mirror has a day time mode which is for everyday driving, this is a natural position in that the mirror sits, you can see right through the window to the view behind you. The second position is a night time mode; this is for those bright headlights that shine directly into your eyes when your driving, twist the bottom lever, situated under the mirror so you can still see the cars behind you, but if you look closely, it’s a reflection of the window, so the lights are dulled to allow you to see. 

Enjoy the adventure of driving anywhere in the world that you’ve always wanted to visit. Whether that’s for a day trip to the beach or a road trip across the state, using these top three tips will help you to stay safe.