5 Recommended Car Accessories For Dog Owners

Whether it is for short trips to the dog park, relatives or friends or a longer car journey for a holiday; taking your dog in the car is not always fun, for you or your canine friend.

Thankfully, as you will see below, there are a number of great car accessories available for dog owners.

As well as helping to keep your dog safe, secure and comfortable during journeys, they also can help keep you and your passengers safe and keep your car relatively clean and free from damage.

Pet Emergency Kit

You really shouldn’t go anywhere without having an adequate pet emergency kit, in much the same way as keeping a first aid kit in your car. What you actually have in the kit will depend on the needs of your dog and their breed. Basic first aid supplies are obviously essential, along with prescribed medication, contact numbers for local vets, your own vet and documentation for your animal.

Tri-Fold Ramp

Although this is somewhat on the pricey side, if you do have the benefit of a car with a low boot floor, a ramp is a safe way for your four-legged friend getting in and out of the car without you having to carry their heavy, waggly and potentially wet and dirty (depending where you’ve been) body out.

Boot Protector

Along with the ramp, if you are transporting your dog in your car’s boot, it is a good idea to invest in a boot protector of some kind. This is especially important if your car is a leased vehicle or a company car and you may have to hand it back.

Doggie Booster Seat

If your dog is too small for your car’s seats, you can actually purchase a booster seat in the same way you would for a child. It is important that your dog is safe while you drive and they should be properly strapped in and a suitable booster seat helps with this. To give you an idea what’s available, there are a wide range of dog car seats here.

Dog Seatbelt And Harness

Obviously the seatbelts in your car are designed for human passengers, which is why you might want to consider investing in a specially designed doggy seatbelt and harness. When your boot is too full for your dog as well or if you prefer to keep your animal with the rest of your passengers, this is a great accessory to ensure that all, including you and your dog, have a safe and comfortable car journey.