5 Essentials No Truck Driver Should Be Without

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Driving a pickup truck is as much a lifestyle choice as a vehicular choice. Pickup trucks allow you to go anywhere, do anything, and haul whatever you want.

However, the purchase of the truck itself is just the first part of your adventure into the exciting life of a truck owner. To really make the most of the experience, you’re going to want to go all out and treat yourself — and your truck! — to a few crucial accessories. Of course, there are thousands on the market to choose from, but we think the following are by far the best…

#1 – Tailgate assistance

There are numerous products that fall into this category; they’re usually called a “tailgate assist”, though you may also seem them described as “tailgate dampers” . However, despite the difference in names, they all perform the same basic function: they absorb the shock if your tailgate is dropped open rather than carefully being lowered. This means you can quickly throw the tailgate down at your convenience; for example, when your hands are full of grocery bags, so you don’t really have the ability to gently lower the tailgate. These products can make a huge difference to the ease of using your truck, and they’re inexpensive and simple to install, so they’re definitely a must for any pickup owner!

#2 – A truck bed cover

A bed cover is your best friend in adverse weather conditions. The function these handy products perform is relatively simple, but incredibly useful. Rather than leaving the items in the back of your truck exposed to the elements, you use truck bed covers to ensure your load stays dry through even the most extreme of thunderstorms. As well as weather protection, these covers also offer enhanced security, ensuring that no prying eyes are able to see what you are carrying at a glance. As a result of their dual purpose and their ease and efficiency of use, truck bed covers are an absolute essential for any truck driver.

#3 – Flashlights

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Admittedly, flashlights are a piece of equipment that every vehicle owner could benefit from, but it’s particularly pertinent for truck drivers. If you’re a fan of off-roading or travelling through remote areas thanks to your pickup’s ability to absorb a variety of terrains, then a flashlight is an absolute essential. If you find yourself stranded at night, you’ll need your flashlight so you can examine your truck to see what’s wrong, or even to signal for help from passersby.

With that said, you’re probably curious as to why you need flashlights plural. The reason for this is actually very simple: one flashlight that is powered by batteries, and one flashlight that you can wind up to generate power. The latter is mostly a backup, but if you do find yourself stranded for long enough for your main flashlight batteries to die, you’ll be glad of your wind-up version.

#4 – A tailgate step

A tailgate step is a great choice, and allows you to load and unload large items from the bed of your truck with relative ease. A tailgate step allows you to climb into the bed of the truck, lift the item, and then step back safely to terra firma. There’s no need to try and tumble large items out of the bed, nor do you have to try and step directly from the bed to the floor— a distance that many people find uncomfortable and jarring. Tailgate steps are easily installed and can make a huge difference to the general usability of your vehicle.

#5 – Mirror extenders

When you load your pickup close to capacity, there’s a very good chance you will struggle to use your mirrors while driving. This is especially true for tall loads, which negate your ability to use the central mirror. The best way to combat this is to install mirror extenders, which allow you to achieve a full view of the road behind you just from the side mirrors. Mirror extenders — which are sometimes referred to as towing mirrors — are very affordable and take only a few seconds to install, but they offer enhanced safety that all pickup truck drivers should want to take advantage of.

In conclusion

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Life as a pickup truck driver is incredibly enjoyable, but the products above can ensure that your experience is just that little bit better. By making your truck easier to use and improving your safety while on the roads, you can be sure of many happy years of (pickup) trucking in your future.