5 Car Accessories you Need in Your Life

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When you buy a new car, you want to keep it as new as possible, but this isn’t possible without some further investment. You need some floor mats, dashboard mats, steering wheel covers, and more. Below are the essential car accessories that you should buy as soon as possible. 

Magnetic Phone Mounts 

Using your smartphone in a moving vehicle is a criminal offense for good reasons. Smartphones are extremely attention-grabbing and can prevent you from concentrating on the road. Take your eyes off the road for a second, and you risk running into the car in front, or worse.  

However, there are times when you need to use your phone in the car, perhaps on the way to a work meeting or to change arrangements for a family pick up. As long as you are hands-free, you aren’t breaking the law, so make sure you’ve got a magnetic holder for your smartphone. 

Scent Diffusers 

When it comes to car smells, you have some options; unfortunately, most of the convenient smells you can pick up at the local garage or car shop are artificial and unpleasant to breathe. If you want your car to smell unique and natural, what you need is an essential oil scent diffuser. 

Essential oils are concentrated liquids made from the properties of plants and flowers; this makes them natural and potent. Essential oils are the best way to scent your car, but you need a proper diffuser on the dashboard – otherwise, the oil will dry up too quickly or doesn’t work. 

Hilux Dash Mat 

If you have recently bought a car, it’s worth investing in a dash mat to protect the surface and maintain that newness for as long as possible. However, a dash mat does much more than this as well; these mats protect the window glass from gasses and prevent it from steaming up. 

The hilux dash mat is specially designed for Toyota vehicles, especially the Sungrabba – a Toyota four-by-four pick-up truck. The hilux dash mat is perfectly cut to sit over the dash and protect it. The mat is also made from durable rubber that should last for the life of the vehicle.      

Escape Tracks 

If you live in the North, you will be all too familiar with the challenges of snow on the roads. Every winter, you have to contend with a few feet of snow that can come down with little or no warning. If you have to navigate these conditions every, it makes sense to buy escape tracks. 

Escape tracks are made from hardened plastic, they can fit into your truck snuggly, and you can forget about them for most of the year; but when you need them the most, you can simply open your trunk and use them to get off your drive, or help someone on the road who is also stuck.   

Car Seat Hooks 

If you’re tired of putting your grubby bags on the new seats, or you don’t want your bags to get grubby on the floor, it’s time to invest in backseat hooks. These hooks fit onto the headrest of your seat and face the rear – they offer a convenient place to hang any type of bag you have.