4 Tips to Protect the Paint of your Car

The beauty of a car lies in its paint; many car owners understand this, which is why they often rush to get a paint job whenever they notice scratches, stains, or cracks on the paint of their car.

However, what many car owners In Bethlehem don’t understand is that car paint jobs are often overpriced and may reduce the value of their car. Maintaining the original factory paint of your car is essential to your car’s value and appearance.

With the tips below, you can ensure that the paint of your car remains as good as new.

  1. Use a Car Cover

Parking your car in a secure garage may protect it from harmful UV rays and, of course, thieves. However, it wouldn’t protect it from dust and your little kid who may be eager to scribble on your car with a set of keys or other sharp objects.

If you are serious about protecting your car’s paint, you’ll have to get a quality car cover. These covers are less expensive and can be used to cover your car in an open or closed area like your garage. Plus, they are dustproof, waterproof, and are designed to protect your car from scratches and, of course, the elements.

  1. Consider routine detailing

Like your Bethlehem home, a thorough deep clean is important for your ride every once in a while. Make it a habit to treat your car to a car detailing in Bethlehem, PA, a few times yearly. It helps prevent and correct your exterior paint job, preserve your upholstery, enhance your car performance, boost its lifespan, and boost your car’s resale value. If you are always on-the-go, and wouldn’t have time to deep clean your car yourself, you should consider detailing service.

  1. Wash it regularly

Of course, when it comes to protecting the paint of your car, washing it may be the first option that pops into your mind. Indeed, washing a car can protect its paint. However, you’ll have to wash it regularly (once a week) and thoroughly to see a positive effect.

By washing your car thoroughly, we don’t mean rinsing its tires and stained spots with soapy water. Instead, we mean washing its tires, exterior, interiors, windshields, and window glass areas with quality shampoo. If you by chance find bird droppings on the car, clean them immediately to stop them from sticking.

If you don’t have car shampoo at home, don’t use regular household detergents instead, as they are harmful to your car’s paint.

  1. Do not ignore drying.

After washing your car, what next? Leave it to dry?

Of course not!

Your car isn’t like the clothes you wash and leave to dry. While leaving your car to dry naturally may seem stress-free and logical, going down this road will degrade its paint over time. To prevent such from happening, always dry your car after every wash. Use a microfiber towel or a weave drying towel to rid the water off your car after washing it.


Many paint issues on cars are caused by the carelessness of car owners. Hence, if you’d want to maintain your factory paint job, you should prioritize your car’s maintenance and care. In addition to getting a car cover, washing your car regularly, etc., always implement good driving habits.