4 Things That You Do When You’re Driving (But Shouldn’t)

If you’re an experienced driver, you probably think that you can do pretty much anything behind the wheel now. Whilst there are actually those extremely confident (and crazy) people who change their clothes whilst driving, brush their teeth, and even read books, there are some things that we do that are a little more tame, yet still big mistakes to make. We’ve put together a list of four things that you probably do whilst you’re on the road (that you should definitely stop doing ASAP) so read on if you want to right some driving wrongs.

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1. Texting

When you’re driving down the road, you can see so many people who are looking elsewhere, texting or sending emails, or even chatting with their phones to their ears. Whilst you may think that you can manage this level of multitasking, there is a risk that this can go very badly, very quickly. If you need to take urgent calls whilst driving, it would be best to invest in some hands-free equipment, although in some places this isn’t recommended either. Phones away!

2. Driving after one too many

If you’ve gone out for a drink with your buddies, you may think, ‘well, what is one drink over the limit going to do to me?’ However, if you’re caught by the police and you don’t pass breathalyzer tests, you could end up losing your licence, and even facing a term in jail. It is really not worth drinking and driving, so get help here if you want to know more about this issue. If you’re in doubt (or you can’t say no to another) then avoid the drink altogether when you’re behind the wheel.

3. Eating

If you’re somebody who loves to have a snack whilst they’re driving down the highway, you may have to try and give this a miss. Whilst there is nothing illegal about having lunch whilst you’re driving, it could be causing you to take your attention away from the road, which isn’t great news for you and the other drivers around you. Wait until you’ve pulled over, or get a passenger to unwrap it for you, as this could be the main source of a lack of attention. Don’t risk it over a snack!

4. Driving when you’re too tired

If you carry on driving when you’re tired, you could end up harming yourself and those around you. If you’re feeling a little bit sleepy, pull over and have a nap, or have a coffee or an energy drink. It will really help you to get focused, especially if you’re not that far from your destination, so don’t push yourself. If you need to, you should book yourself into a hotel, as it is a small expense to save your life and the lives of others!

So, if you’re guilty of any of these things, you should do your best to cut them out, for your own safety and the safety of others. Don’t wait until it is too late, and kick your bad habits to the curb!